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Revolution is in the Air

How to invest in the new Industrial Revolution

Imagine being an early investor in steam in the 1700s, electricity in the 1800s or computing in the 1980s? Industrial revolutions provide that opportunity. This incubator company’s established management team helps investors take part in the next generation of tech disruptors.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution- Intelligence. Industry 4.0 is a marriage of physical assets and advanced digital technologies. The next decade ushers in a new breed of companies seeded around the world. These game changers leverage new technologies and help re-imagine every industry as we know it. 

Finding companies at the forefront of this transition can be difficult. Investors seek a centralized source that is cultivating the next tech disruptors.

This publicly-traded company gives investors ground-floor access to the next generation of unicorns disrupting global economies. Its mission? Democratize access to technology’s next big thing.

Industries represented in the changing economic landscape include: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Health, Gaming, Blockchain, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing and the Internet of Things. 

This company partners with a global network of incubators and accelerators to source top startups in these industries from all over the globe.

It builds, acquires and invests in these promising startups. The focus is on cutting-edge technology shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The venture-build approach matches founders with established investors.

Its portfolio consists of 20 global companies using ground-breaking technology in AI, VR/AR, and blockchain to disrupt sectors as diverse as fintech, insurance, health and gaming. The portfolio highlights minority entrepreneurs, often overlooked by the traditional investor.

Over 40 startups in 21 countries have been developed under the tutelage of this company. These initiatives generated over $100 million in revenues! 

If you want to participate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution then you need to read more about this established company…

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Top 10 MISTAKES To Avoid Before Starting A Dropshipping Business + Store Optimization Checklist

Today we will be covering top 10 mistakes you have to make sure to avoid before starting your own dropshipping business.

These 10 mistakes are being repeated over and over again by a lot of merchants, and we still get these sorts of questions every day when talking with dropshipping business owners up to date.

So this stream is going to help you avoid these mistakes if you’re just getting started, or already started and looking to optimize your workflow and business in general!

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Day Trading Software For Beginners

When thinking about the essential day trading software tools that you need to succeed at, or any trading for that matter, never skimp on quality.

Always invest in the highest quality tools that you can afford for your trading business.

Depending on your trading system, you may need top of the line trading charts, fast order entry system, or something as simple as a news feed.

Here is a short list of what we believe to be the best day trading software out there today.

Some are actually free. Some require a minimal investment. Just remember that if you are a day trader, you are actually an entrepreneur and are in the business of running your day trading business. As such, you have to make the kinds of decisions that put you on the best foundation for success.

Make sure you have the best day trading software as part of your business tool kit.

What Is A Trading Feedback Loop?

Succeeding at trading is more than using trading indicators and price action. Forming good habits and breaking old ones is important to anyone who is trying to become good at something, and that includes trading.

If you want to become excellent at what you do and create a long-term sustainable living out of trading, it’s crucial to become effective in consciously forming good habits and breaking bad habits.

To do this, breaking down each step of a habit and then designing your own trading feedback loop can go a long way to putting you on the road to success.

What is a trading feedback loop? A trading feedback loop is the act of trading, performance analysis, strategy adjustment and goal setting, all in a self-perpetuating loop.

5 Factors To Success You Can Work On Today

Potentially one of the biggest issues a retail trader faces is finding the motivation to succeed. After all, taking loss after loss, exiting and watching price rocket away, missing great trades, can seriously attack the motivation of anybody to keep pushing on. If your motivation gas tank is already at zero and you have no interest in working to fill it back up: 

  1. Close your charts
  2. Close your trading account
  3. Find another hobby

If you are still reading this, you are about to learn 5 things you can focus on that will give you a «leg up» in not just trading, but anything you tackle in life.

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