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¿Realmente puedes ganar dinero con las encuestas?

Seré breve porque sé que probablemente estás ocupado.

Hay un nuevo sitio web que tiene pruebas de cómo un papá soltero y con deudas dio vuelta su vida y ahora gana una buena cantidad de dinero simplemente completando encuestas con su opinión sobre productos.

Las empresas están constantemente desarrollando y mejorando sus productos, y NECESITAN algo para asegurarse de que van a funcionar.

¿Sabes qué necesitan? Necesitan TU opinión. Así es… y están dispuestas a pagar dinero por ello.

¡Al ofrecer tu opinión sobre productos nuevos como autos, golosinas, electrónicos, estás ayudando a las empresas a desarrollar productos con los que las personas se sentirán felices!

Muchas veces te pedirán simplemente que completes una encuesta sobre ese producto nuevo, y te pagarán por eso.

¡Puedes ganar $20 dólares en tan solo 8 minutos! Imagina hacer 5 o 6 de estas encuestas por día. Un trabajo fácil y que aporta el dinero que podría ayudarte a pagar tus cuentas.

No sé tú, pero cuando tienes cuentas que pagar, niños que alimentar y te hundes más y más en las deudas cada mes, harías casi cualquier cosa para salvar tu vida, tu hogar y especialmente a tus hijos.

Las personas en todas partes del mundo se están dando cuenta de que ya no se puede depender de un empleo.

Actualmente, uno puede ser contratado y despedido prácticamente en el mismo día, o lo que es peor, puedes trabajar para una empresa por muchos años y luego te despiden… obligándote a buscar otro empleo.

Yo lo sé… eso me pasó a mí… y tenía hijos que cuidar. Me metí cada vez en más deudas hasta que finalmente di el paso y recurrí a Internet para encontrar una manera de ayudarme a pagar mis cuentas.

Perdí dinero probando diferentes maneras de ganar ingresos en línea, ¡pero FINALMENTE descubrí algo que realmente funciona!

¡Échale un vistazo!

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Groundbreaking new weight loss product changes the face of dieting

People who struggle to lose weight now have an easier, scientifically-proven option for breaking the weight gain cycle and shedding unwanted pounds: Leptitox. Sonya Rhodes just announced the release of a brand-new weight loss product. It is set for worldwide distribution as of October 2019 and is looking to change the dieting industry. Based on science-backed research on the underestimated and previously shrouded subject of leptin resistance, the all-natural supplements feature powerful herbs, select vitamins and amino acids to arm the body with the ability to fight and reverse leptin resistance—the cause of weight gain and obesity.

“Before we understood the role of leptin resistance in obesity and the inability to lose weight we had no other choice but to attack body fat in all the wrong ways,” says Sonya Rhodes, co-founder of Leptitox. “With the discovery of leptin, and the phenomenon of leptin resistance we finally know the right way to target the obesity epidemic we’re facing. And that’s what we’ve done with the Leptitox supplements; combined our awareness of leptin resistance with the desperation and despair people feel around their inability to lose weight when they’re doing everything they can.”

Determined to end the heartache of those who are overweight, and who don’t know how to combat it, Sonya Rhodes has taken it on herself to manufacture a product— Leptitox — which addresses the problem of leptin resistance as well as the initiating, underlying cause, breaking the weight gain cycle once and for all. As Sonya explains: “It was important that we not just treat the symptoms of weight gain, thereby managing the issue, but that we zero-in on the actual cause. We weren’t looking for superficial results, leaving people confused and feeding into the yo-yo trajectory diets are known for. Without addressing the cause we knew it wouldn’t be enough to really help people, and that was our mission.”

According to the extensive research Sonya Rhodes stands behind, leptin resistance stems from a source few people would acknowledge as a risk. This is why, according to Rhodes, the obesity epidemic has been able to spread as much as it has—we have blamed the wrong things and allowed the real cause to remain a normal staple of our lives. “This is how any problem proliferates, by not being stopped early on.” Sonya Rhodes continues, clearly passionate about the subject, “We didn’t nip the problem in the bud when we saw the initial spike of obesity and by that point it was too late anyway. If we had known what was making people gain weight we could have done something, but all we can do now is reverse it. Thankfully, that is what our supplements do. It’s not too late if we target the right things.”

Ideal for anyone who has struggled with seemingly stubborn and unresponsive body fat, leptitox attacks weight gain from the one place overlooked in the heath industry. Not only does it promote healthy weight loss, it helps curb hunger and detoxes the cause of leptin resistance right out of the body. Rhodes has created a product suitable for anyone who is tired of doing their best and seeing no results, and even better, the product itself is safe, all natural and suitable for a wide-range of people, with a no-risk 60 day money-back guarantee.

Leptitox supplements are currently available, having just been released to the public in the early fall. Purchasing the supplements also provides people with material created to inform the public of the true cause of their inability to lose weight, as well as providing the solution so they can easily adjust their lifestyle to make permanent changes. For Rhodes this is just the beginning, her purpose is to broadcast the reality of leptin resistance and it’s solution — leptitox—to the world, and really make a difference in the lives of people who have lost hope.

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How Much Does Uber Cost?

Have you ever wondered:

“How much does Uber cost?”

“How much does Uber cost per mile?”

“Is there an Uber calculator I can use to estimate a fare?”

Then you’re not alone! The questions we get asked most frequently have to do with Uber rates and what it costs to take a ride. Read on to learn everything about how much Uber costs.

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What’s next after the House vote on impeachment rules?

The House of Representatives approved the rules and guidelines for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Thursday. New York Times congressional reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg and AP White House reporter Jill Colvin joined CBSN to break down what powers this resolution gives to Democrats and Republicans, and how the White House is responding.

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A complete guide to wearing a Halloween costume in the office, according to HR experts

A survey by Halloween Costumes found that one in seven adults said they feel comfortable wearing a sexy costume to a Halloween work event.

Spooky season is here.

With Halloween quickly coming on October 31, Americans everywhere — big and small — are gearing up to find the right costume for the scariest day of the year.

Whether it’s the trick-or-treaters getting ready to fill their bags with sweets and treats, or going to an adult Halloween party, it’s important to think twice about attire and etiquette on Halloween, especially in the office.

Origen: A complete guide to wearing a Halloween costume in the office, according to HR experts

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My 5 Figure Per Month Blogging & Passive Income Strategy 

Back when I first got started online, I came across a lot of different bloggers, but one in particular by the name of Pat Flynn, whom I loved his business model, caught my attention. What he did was he had a goal to develop passive income and he basically began to try different things to see what worked and what didn’t.

Over the course of time, he began to share his results. One of the most important results that he shared was his income results. What really blew my mind is that I had a chance to witness this man go from making $8,000 a month – which is a pretty good income – to $20,000, $30,000 and I began to see him climb up to $50,000 and now over the years, now generating over $100,000 per month of passive income.

Just by watching him, I knew I wanted that business model. I knew I wanted to find a way to truly leverage the internet to build online assets.

But here is the challenge to this – the reality is that it requires a couple of things: it requires time, it requires a heck of a lot of focus and it requires for you to be patient with the process.

The reason why is because these things don’t give you overnight success. They take time to build and they grow gradually (with your consistent effort). So this means that you won’t just hop right in and cash in like a lottery winner. But instead, if you devote the time, remain consistent and do the work, it can truly pay off… and this time, I’m ready for it!

Origen: My 5 Figure Per Month Blogging & Passive Income

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I Still Can’t Believe This Works.. What Magic Is This?

I’ve been listening to these audios repeatedly for a while now. I’ve been seeing 555, 11:11, 22:22 nothing happened for a while but after about 2 weeks, my sales have gone from 3 figures a month to 4 figures a month and it keeps growing.

I still can’t believe this works.. what magic is this?!

Here’s my tip – don’t give up if it doesn’t happen immediately.. set your intentions clearly (very important), keep listening until you see the signs repeatedly, whatever it is you’re trying to manifest – it’s coming. Signs were everywhere for me – especially on my phone and my computer. I just kept seeing it, so I kept listening, putting out positive vibes and it finally happened for me.

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How To Build A Highly Targeted Audience On Facebook Without Wasting Your Time 100% FREE

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Build A Laser Targeted & Engaged Audience For FREE…

Get In Front Of The Exact People Who Buy What You Sell.

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Do Other Marketers Know Something That You Don’t Know?

Social Media has changed the way Entrepreneurs do business and puts you in a position where there are no geographic limitations.

You now have the opportunity to make a minimal investment into your business and scale your audience like never before instead of trying to figure out complicated and expensive ads.