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President Trump should be able to appoint a Supreme Court justice while he is under federal investigation

President Trump should be able to appoint a Supreme Court justice while he is under federal investigation?

Where do you stand?

Impeach Trump wants to know your opinion

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Kylie Jenner lands Forbes cover as the youngest self-made billionaire ever

This 20 year old will not stop until the world is hers. In fact, she made the cover of forbes magazine this month with the headline “America’s Women Billionaires.”

It’s no secret that she has been hustling since day one, but her lip kit empire helped launch her up into the stratosphere with income / great business sense, and more.

Oh yeah and she’s also a MOM! Truly an incredible feat. Kylie Cosmetics launched only two years ago with a $29 dollar lip kit, and with that she has sold over 630 million dollars worth of makeup since then.

Also due to the huge success from her reality programs, modeling, and more, She is now worth a staggering 900 million dollars. and here’s the best part, she owns 100% of her cosmetic company.

Talk about massive profits. Makeup products have some of the highest profit margins out of any industry, next to pharmaceuticals. In an interview, kylie praised social media and how it helped her blow up.

She said “social media is an amazing platform – I have such easy access to my fans and my customers.” It’s safe to say she’s changed the game. What Kim did for booty, Kylie has done for lips.

With over 110 Million followers on instragram who are MOSTLY female. She’s able to push her brand every day to the right audience. Obviously kylie isn’t going to be the only female billionaire, in fact. According to forbes, she is #27 on the forbes list, with Diane Hendricks at number one.

Who is Diane Hendricks? Oh she just runs ABC supply, and is almost worth 5 Billion. Let’s see how long it takes kylie to catch up. So here’s my question for you!

Would kylie have this much success if she wasn’t attached to the kardashian / jenner empire? Or do you think she would pave the way of lip kits for everyone anyways. Let me know down in the comments, and thanks for watching! Please click right over here to watch us recreate Celeb Vacation Instagram photos, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking right down here! I’m tom Plumley, you guys can find me on the socials, and I’ll see you soon!

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The history of Rolex is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Hans Wilsdorf, its founder. In 1905, at the age of 24, Hans Wilsdorf founded a company in London specialising in the distribution of timepieces.

He began to dream of a watch worn on the wrist. Wristwatches were not very precise at the time, but Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that they could become not only elegant, but also reliable.

Pioneer of the wristwatch since 1905, Rolex is at the origin of landmark innovations in watchmaking, including the first waterproof wristwatch – the Oyster – and the Perpetual rotor self-winding mechanism.

For over a century, Rolex watches have accompanied explorers and achievers around the world, from the top of the highest mountains to the deepest reaches of the ocean.


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VIDEO: Russian Oligarchs’ Unusual Access to Trump Inauguration

WATCH HERE—ABC News: “Special counsel eyeing Russians granted unusual access to Trump inauguration parties.” The presence of people with Kremlin ties in Washington for Trump’s inaugural celebration was first reported by The Washington Post. But the guest lists obtained by ABC News offer a new glimpse at the level of access granted to several well-connected oligarchs. Watch this story above and be sure to keep the pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is trying to kill the bipartisan bill that would stop Trump from sabotaging Mueller’s investigation. We have the votes to pass this bill. That’s where you come in. Sign and share this petition demanding that McConnell stop standing in the way.

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Making money in the comfort of your own home

How would you like to write conveniently at home, work at flexible hours, set your own schedule, spend more time with your family and friends, and get a nice big fat paycheck at the end of the month?

Get Paid to Write at Home!


  • Work at home, make money no matter where you are in the world!
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Families belong together and not in cages

RSVP for a #FamiliesBelongTogether event near you. Tomorrow we take to the streets to tell Donald Trump and his administration to permanently end the separation of kids from their parents. Our demand is clear and not negotiable: Reunite families, end family detention, and end zero tolerance. All families belong together. Period. Tomorrow, June 30th, will be a “Families Belong Together” national day of action, with more than 600 events in all 50 states, and an anchor protest in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate. The actions are focused on opposing the separation and detention of immigrant families. Right now, all the Republican bills to address this manufactured crisis are terrible and unacceptable. The Trump administration is saying the only options are separation or indefinite detention, but that is wrong. There is no reason for the vast majority of immigrant families to be prosecuted and kept in cages. They’re trying to trade family separation for jailing children in unlicensed facilities, which is unacceptable. RSVP for an event near you to put a stop to this. And help amplify our #FamiliesBelongTogether protests online by inviting your friends to join this campaign and call on Congress to end family separation and detention now.

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La Movilidad del Futuro 

Viajar es un sueño de la humanidad: llegar a lugares lejanos en el menor tiempo posible. Incluso en la actualidad, las carreteras y las vías ferroviarias están sobrecargadas y los recursos son escasos. La idea más innovadora en la búsqueda de una solución es Hyperloop. Una cápsula que se desliza a través de un tubo de acero a 1.200 km por hora. ¿De Berlín a París en menos de una hora?

Los Ángeles, la ciudad de los sueños, es el lugar de nacimiento de una visión que podría revolucionar nuestra velocidad al viajar. Hyperloop: un tren que viaja a la velocidad del sonido a través de un tubo al vacío. La idea fue del multimillonario Elon Musk y ahora, un concurso internacional pretende impulsar el concepto.

También hay un equipo de Múnich. Los estudiantes de la Universidad Técnica están decididos a contribuir a la movilidad del mañana. Según las previsiones, aumentará el tráfico en general.

Cada vez más personas recorren distancias más largas. Los recursos disponibles no son suficientes ni tampoco la infraestructura existente está diseñada para una sociedad en continuo movimiento.

¿Es Hyperloop la solución a nuestros problemas de tráfico?

En Alemania, ya fue puesta a prueba una tecnología innovadora: el Transrapid o tren de levitación magnética. En los años ‘80, alcanzó velocidades más altas que los actuales trenes de alta velocidad ICE o TGV.

Sin embargo, en 2006 un accidente con 23 muertos en el tramo de prueba en Emsland puso fin a su desarrollo.

¿Tiene un nuevo concepto como el Hyperloop posibilidades de éxito o continuará la hegemonía del medio de transporte más duradero de todos, el automóvil?

Los vehículos autónomos están diseñados para hacer que nuestra movilidad sea más segura, pero también entrañan nuevos riesgos. El primer accidente grave de un automóvil autónomo se cobró una vida. A pesar de ello, la digitalización se considera la innovación del tráfico rodado.