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Formas de ropa interior

Los estilos envolventes continúan vigentes en la lencería y en la ropa de descanso, mientras que las piernas con cortes altos y los escotes profundos llegan al extremo

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“How the Rich Invest With No Money”

You DO NOT need a lot of money to make money. In fact, you may be surprised to know that the rich invest as if they had no money.


The rich have learned simple strategies that make profits with little to none of their own money.

Andy Tanner, is giving you limited-time access to his training called: “How the Rich Invest With No Money”

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BREAKING: Syria Just Joined Paris Climate Deal, Leaving Only U.S. Opposed

Syria just announced its plans to sign the Paris Climate accord during United Nations climate talks today. That leaves the U.S., which is planning to withdraw from the deal, as the only country opposing the agreement. Send a message to Trump that we’re still committed to fighting global warming.

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The numbers are in and they don’t look pretty

A new New York Times analysis finds that: “Nearly half of all middle-class families would pay more in taxes in 2026 than they would under current rules if the proposed House tax bill became law, and about one-third would pay more in 2018–a striking finding for a bill promoted as a middle-class tax cut.” Send a clear message to Congress that we won’t let them pass massive tax cuts for millionaires and wealthy corporations at the expense of hardworking American families.

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