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Top 3 Trump Actions and Their Business Impact

Trump came into the Oval Office with pen blazing. In his first week and a half in office he has signed seven executive orders, so far, in addition to 11 memoranda. He’s also fleshed out his cabinet nominees, many of whom have already been confirmed. Some of these actions have clear business implications, some less so. Personally, it’s been a while since my civics class in eighth grade, so first, a quick rundown on what it all means. Then, we’ll dig into the top three actions and their implications. Understanding the Executive Branch Yes, there are three branches of government, as we all learned in middle school civics. The legislative branch (Congress) makes the laws; the executive branch (the president, and everyone who reports to him) ‘enforces’ the law; and the judicial branch (the courts) interpret the law. When we talk about executive orders, we are talking about the mechanics of how the executive branch works. The executive branch isn’t just the president; it’s the entire, vast, sprawling federal bureaucracy.

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Finding Robots Where You Least Expect Them … in the Food Industry

What, do you think that your job is safe just because you deliver food to hungry mouths? Since the days of the automat, people haven’t cared much about who is making their food — as long as the grub is good. Yes, one day we may wax nostalgic about when we dealt with an angry chef or charming bartender on our nights out … or we’ll just ask the robot for another perfectly poured glass of wine, and go back to reading something on our phones. Here’s where robots are coming for your (food service) jobs. The Secret Ingredient Isn’t

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Engineer Alleges Sexual Harassment During ‘Very, Very Strange Year at Uber’

Saturday, engineer and author Susan J. Fowler published an account at her blog of her time working at Uber, the creators of the ride-sharing app. In it, she describes a culture that allegedly allowed her manager to sexually harass her without repercussion, and also hamstrung her career at the organization by altering her performance reviews. Fowler joined Uber late in 2015 as a site reliability engineer, excited to have the opportunity not only to work in a time of change and growth at the company, but also to pick her team. Once she completed training, however, she says that “things started getting weird.”

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Una androide hiperrealista será la presentadora de un programa en Japón


Una androide hiperrealista será la nueva presentadora de un programa de televisión online en directo en Japón, como parte del último experimento social que pretende demostrar que un robot es capaz de desarrollarse a través de la comunicación con seres humanos.

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¿Problemas con la Marihuana?

img_1981La marihuana no sólo crea adicción física debido a las toxinas que posee, sino que la adicción más fuerte que genera esta droga en los consumidores es la adicción psicológica.

La marihuana crea dependencia física dentro del cuerpo, lo que termina provocando el deseo de consumir cada vez más y más hierba.