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Miles de migrantes bloqueados en la frontera entre México y Guatemala

Continuan los inmigrantes hondureños varados en la frontera de Mexico. Estas imágenes indignantes muestran claramente la penuria de dolor, hambre y sufrimiento en su afán por llegar a los Estados Unidos.

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How Odi Productions Makes $1,000+ A Day PASSIVE INCOME With Affiliate Marketing [PROOF]

In this video, Odi Productions will be showing you exactly how he is able to make $1,000 a day or more through affiliate marketing. Odi has been making $1,000 a day or more through affiliate marketing for the last three years.

Most people do not actually show any earnings proof, but Odi offered to pull back the curtains and show us exactly how much he made in one single day through affiliate marketing.

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How to Sell Phone Cases Online

How to sell phone cases online: In this episode of Show & Sell Mark from Oberlo talks about a fantastic product niche for ecommerce entrepreneurs – phone cases and phone accessories!

This kind of product niche is one of the most popular niches for dropshippers. Phone cases and phone accessories are relatively cheap to source and can still be sold at a 2x markup!

That means great profit margins, at a price range that is suited to attracting impulse buyers. Find out how to sell phone cases online with Mark from Oberlo: discover how to find out which audience is buying phone cases online, where they make these purchases, and how you can get your phone cases and accessories in front of these engaged consumers too.

If you’re considering this niche for your online store then this is the video for you: Get started by finding great phone cases to sell online with Oberlo. And then crush it with your marketing!

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5 investments that made me a millionaire

Success is about investing in yourself, writes self-made millionaire Chris Reining.

I used to think to be a millionaire all you had to do was make a lot of money. Then I realized lots of people earning six figures don’t have two nickels to rub together.

What’s the secret, then? Living below your means so you can save, and then investing those savings.

It took me a long time to realize there’s only so many expenses you can cut, so why not focus on earning more. What you can make is nearly limitless. Success is not only about investing in things like stocks or real estate, it’s about investing in yourself.

I’ve never believed you have to “spend money to make money,” because, looking back, I realize I made five investments that helped me become a millionaire by 35 that cost little to nothing.

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How Do People Become Filthy Rich?

Wouldn’t you love to wake up one day and find out some great uncle you visited a handful of times has left you millions in his will? Way to become an instant millionaire! We come across such stories in the papers and news often and are left wondering, why doesn’t it happen to us? After all, some of the wealthiest men in the world with humble beginnings have had millions bequeathed upon them by some relative or parents!

Here’s how some of the rich and famous (or not so famous) have acquired wealth:

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Agree or Disagree? ICE should build immigrant prisons

Take the poll: Do you agree or disagree that ICE should work with private corporations to build immigrant prisons? ICE is expanding. In May, they released a plan to build new immigrant prisons across the midwest. And with 13,312 immigrant children in federal custody, they plan to expand tent cities currently housing those children from hundreds to thousands of beds – and they’re taking money from cancer research and other crucial programs to do it. The states that have been targeted by ICE to build immigrant prisons in conjunction with private corporations GEO Group and CoreCivic include: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, in addition to expanding an existing prison in Nevada. In Texas, the Tornillo tent city (supposedly intended to be a temporary holding center) will expand its capacity from 400 children’s beds to 3,800 – marking the third time the makeshift facility will grow in capacity. In order to fund detaining and imprisoning immigrant children, families, and others, the Trump administration is planning to tap into $260 million meant to fund cancer research, HIV/AIDS prevention, Medicare and Medicaid, and more. In Northwest Indiana where GEO Group has submitted a preliminary proposal to build an 800 bed immigrant prison, an entire community led by Ryan spent their summer organizing to stop the prison from coming to their area. “The fact that it’s a proposal for 800 beds is a huge expansion to the capacity to detain people here in Indiana,” says Margaret, president of Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies. “Once you build that prison, the private prison companies are motivated to keep people in it. We’re very concerned about what this says about our region, about how we value people in our region, and that people in our community who are fine, upstanding, contributing residents might be the people who are detained in that prison.” Now, advocates from across the state are banding together to oppose immigrant prisons in in Indiana. “Statewide this has been tried several times already,” #NoGEO brigade member Joseph told Senator Donnelly’s Legislative Counsel, referring to GEO Group’s previous attempts to build prisons in his state, “and it’s been shown that Indiana residents don’t want this…It’s not something that we want here.” After flooding public hearings and running a successful awareness campaign in his community, Ryan and the residents of Roselawn, IN pressured local officials to publicly oppose the immigrant prison slated for their area; but the fight isn’t over yet, GEO Group still needs to withdraw the proposal they submitted to ICE. Indiana isn’t the only state ICE is targeting to build immigrant prisons. Join one of these brigades to help stop ICE from expanding in your state: Join the Minnesota brigade Join the Michigan brigade Join the Nevada brigade Join the Illinois brigade Join the Wyoming brigade Join the Indiana #NoGEO brigade

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