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Gana Dinero Escribiendo

No cabe duda que hoy en día el Internet nos ofrece múltiples formas de generar ingresos. Sin embargo, no todas ellas alcanzan las expectativas de quienes se lanzan a realizar nuevos emprendimientos.

Pero lo que estás a punto de leer, es algo completamente diferente a todo lo que has visto antes.

¿Sabías que hoy en día existen miles de compañías dispuestas a pagar a personas por el simple hecho de que escriban textos sencillos?

Esta nueva forma de trabajo ha nacido desde que cada vez se publican más sitios web en Internet.

Existen MILLONES de sitios web en Internet, y muchos de sus propietarios demandan cada vez más que otros escriban contenido por ellos.

Y es aquí donde entras tú en acción:

Muchos de esos sitios web tratan de temas tales como: Deportes, videojuegos, recetas de cocina, viajes, novelas, negocios, tecnología, vida social, moda, productos comestibles, música, hobbies y un largo etcétera.

Desde ahora, es posible escribir acerca de temas que realmente te apasionan… ¡Y ser pagado por ello!

Lo mejor de todo es que no necesitas ser un escritor experimentado ni nada por el estilo.

Para saber más sobre todo esto, visita este enlace:

Gana Dinero Escribiendo

Desde ese sitio web podrás acceder a CIENTOS de compañías que están, literalmente, desesperadas por encontrar personas que estén dispuestas a escribir para ellas.

Y no solo eso, sino que además también ofrece un entrenamiento completo acerca de cómo puedes desarrollar esta actividad y ganar dinero desde el Internet.

Ingresa ahora al enlace antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

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A Very Profitable Business Opportunity

Decorated apparel is a very profitable business opportunity. Most specifically it is a $14 billion industry which is estimated to grow to $20 billion at the end of the second decade of the 21st century. The previous decade was an $8 billion industry and the decade before that a $4 billion. The industry seems to double itself each decade. It is predicted that its growth will continue for some decades to come.

Decorated apparel – A very profitable business opportunity

The decorated apparel industry includes screen printers and embroiderers. The embroidery industry is estimated to be approximately one third of the decorated apparel industry. That means we are talking about a $4.6 billion industry today, which will become $6.6 billion industry in 5-10 years.

You must be wondering why this industry has such a big growth rate which seems unstoppable. The magic word is “personalization”. People just love personalized products more and more as years pass by. People want to be able to order a shirt with their name on it, or with an image they love. Small companies want their logos embroidered on shirts or towels or hats. This trend is growing more and more, and big industries cannot fill this demand because simply it’s not profitable for them to produce such low quantities. Small enterprises started filling the gap, and making great profit.

It’s not easy though to enter the embroidery market successfully without the right knowledge and techniques. Just buying an embroidery machine and a digitizing software is not the path to success. Even if you already have your own embroidery business, you need to shift your business plan towards smarter operation, fitted in the modern world demands. In both cases, knowledge is the crucial factor that separates success and failure. Knowledge of digitizing and embroidery techniques as well as knowledge of modern marketing techniques are both important. In my course you will find both, a complete embroidery business model with modern marketing tricks, investment analysis, additional income ideas, as well as digitizing training and all industry secrets no one wants to share. It is suitable for both the beginner and the experienced embroiderer, since it starts from basic to advanced techniques. Either you are thinking of starting your embroidery business, or you already have one and you want to expand it, this course will help you achieve your goals.

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2 books Warren Buffett recommends reading now

Legendary investor Warren Buffett gave a mini history lesson during the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting on Saturday, which was held virtually from Omaha, Nebraska.

«Nothing can basically stop America,» not even the coronavirus pandemic, he said. «The American miracle, the American magic has always prevailed and it will do so again.»

As Buffett reflected on previous life-changing events from World War II to the Cuban Missile Crisis to 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis, the Berkshire Hathaway chairman also recommended two historical books.

Buffett has always been an avid reader and has recommended that young people read every day, because knowledge «builds up, like compound interest,» he said while speaking to a group of MBA students at Columbia Business School in 2000.

Here’s Buffett’s suggested reading.

The Great Crash, 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith (1988-04-08)

During the shareholders meeting, Buffett spoke of times of great uncertainty in American history, including the stock market crash of 1929 that led to the Great Depression.

For those interested in learning more about this time period, he recommended the 1955 book, «The Great Crash of 1929» by John Kenneth Galbraith.

«There’s a great book about it called ‘The Great Crash’ by John Kenneth Galbraith,» he said during the meeting on Saturday. It’s «a wonderful book.»

In the book, Galbraith examines the 1929 financial collapse, including what led to it, how it led to the Great Depression and what could be learned from it.

(Buffett also told a lighter personal story about the crash and his dad, who was 26 in 1929 and sold stocks. «I think [what]** **my dad probably liked to do was, they say now, ‘shelter in place,’ which means stay at home,» he said. «And there really wasn’t that much in our house. So under those conditions, I was born about nine months later,» Buffett, whose birthdate is August 30, 1930, said.)

Keeping At It: The Quest for Sound Money and Good Government

At the shareholders meeting, Buffett also spoke about the Federal Reserve System and the role it has played in the economy.

He praised in particular, the late Paul Volcker, who served as the chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.

«I’ve always had Paul Volcker up on a special place, special pedestal in terms of Federal Reserve chairmen over the years. We’ve had a lot of very good Fed chairmen, but Paul Volcker, I had him at the top of the list,» Buffett said.

And Buffett recommended Volcker’s 2018 book, «Keeping At It: The Quest for Sound Money and Good Government,» during the meeting on Saturday.

«Not much before [Volcker] died, he wrote a book called ‘Keeping At It,'» Buffett said. «I think you’ll enjoy reading that book.»

The book is a memoir, sharing Volcker’s time as chairman of the Fed from 1979 to 1987. It shares a timeline of Volcker’s long career, including his legacy of breaking inflation with high interest rates as Fed chief in the 1980s.

«Paul Volcker was a giant in many ways,» Buffett said, referring to not only Volcker’s huge impact, but his tall stature. (Volcker was 6-foot-7.)

In addition to recommending the books, Buffett gave a shout out to his local bookstore: «If you buy any books that come out of anything I recommend, think about [purchasing through the] Bookworm [book store] in Omaha,» he said

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