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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey – Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)

Official music video by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey performing “Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)”

Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
for London Alley

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The Exact 3-Step System a 15 Year Old Is Using To Create $1,200 a Week In Passive Income (While He’s In School)!

Teenager 15 Earn $1,200 a Week ...Working from Home
He “works” maybe 1-2 hours a week, if even that…and earn $1,200 a Week.

I’ve always said that WORKING for your money is never the smart way to do it.

And…now this 15 year old is proving me 100% right.

  • He’s out at school all day.
  • Then, he has hours of Football practice.
  • By the time he reaches home, he’s dead tired, has dinner and goes to bed.

Think about this, where in that list of activities is he building a business or “working” for his money? He has no time to do it even if he wanted to (which is a good thing). It forces him to get creative.

So, he turned to his father and learned one of the BEST passive income strategies that is currently available online. He learned how to INVEST into “25 page word documents.” He then just puts them into Amazon.

He “works” maybe 1-2 hours a week, if even that.


Tyler Earns $1,200 a Week – More Than The Average American Earns Working 40 Hours a Week!

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? I can guarantee this kid is going to be incredibly wealthy when he grows up. The best part? He’s not going to have any stress.

He’ll be healthy. Wealthy. Happy.

So, how is he doing all this?

He’s following a simple 3-step system to upload short 25-Page word documents to Amazon Kindle. He’s been doing this for a few months now. But, he doesn’t have to “do” anything.

He’s got a crazy schedule between a full day of school and then evenings and weekends full of Football practice and games.


Even still – he’s earning more money than most ADULTS do working full-time jobs. THIS is what I call smart earning. And he’s only 15.

This also shows you how powerful this system is.

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Right now, we just released a program called “Kindle Cash Flow” and it’s changing lives all over the World. This program is the be all and end all of using the Amazon Kindle platform to create completely passive income.

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Step #1: Find a simple & profitable niche – step by step…

Step #2: Outsource the entire process of creating a 25 page word document…

Step #3: Upload it to Amazon…

This is the simplest system I’ve ever seen to create passive income. For each word document you upload, you can create about $500 a month in passive income. Right now, we have a new program where we’ll coach you on just how to do it.

Watch the short video & make a fast decision!

If you act today, you can get a $1,000 Bonus for Free + $300 OFF Coupon!

The bonus is that you get to join in for a 4 Week LIVE Workshop where you can watch Ty Cohen teaching his son Tyler on exactly how to get his Kindle business performing.

You can watch, participate and ask questions. This is just a tiny sliver of everything you get when you join Kindle Cash Flow…

Ty uses a unique 3-step system to sell tons of “Word documents” on the Amazon Kindle platform. He’s gotten this process down to a complete science that anyone can master and start generating income as early as next week!

See you inside the program!

Origen: The Exact 3-Step System a 15 Year Old Is Using To Create $1,200 a Week In Passive Income (While He’s In School)!

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Muertos y heridos tras tiroteos en Alemania

Al menos ocho personas murieron en dos tiroteos ocurridos en la ciudad alemana de Hanau (centro del país), según informaciones de la policía local.

El primer ataque sucedió a eso de las 10:00 p.m., hora local, en un “shisha bar”, un local oriental de fumadores de pipa, en el centro de la ciudad, y según medios locales los disparos se hicieron desde un automóvil.

Supuestamente el mismo vehículo se dirigió luego a otro establecimiento similar de otro barrio de Hanau, donde asimismo hubo un segundo tiroteo.

Según el canal de televisión N-Tv, el agresor o agresores se han dado a la fuga, mientras que en las inmediaciones de los locales se ha desplegado un fuerte cordón policial.

Esta historia está en desarrollo.

Origen: Muertos y heridos tras tiroteos en Alemania