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Decentralized Finance: The Future of Currencies

Today, people of all ages—young and old—are in trouble because their ideas about money aren’t just old, they’re obsolete.

With bonds and interest rates at historic lows, residential real estate growing at its fastest pace in 6 years, stock markets at all-time highs, there’s really not many places to earn a yield on money right now.

Crypto is taking a lot of the spotlight for that very reason. Crypto is up 300%. This is only going to cause more people and financial institutions to add crypto to their portfolios as FinTech companies open up more and more accessibility to getting it.

Jeff Wang, cryptocurrency and blockchain expert says, “We didn’t expect the pandemic to create so much excess money. We’re seeing the stock market, real estate, and crypto at all-time highs.”

And he says if you want to bet against the dollar, invest in Bitcoin. If you want to bet on technology, invest in Ethereum.

Jeff Wang discuss the future of money in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and how 2021 is going to offer more for investors than ever before.

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Is This Finally the End of the Middle Class?

Middle class Americans are dropping like bricks.

And unless you take steps now to protect yourself…

I’m worried you’re next.

All over the country, folks who were presumably fine this time last year are finding themselves in dire straits.

For example…

Nearly half the people in a recent Dallas, TX, food bank line had never been there before.

Can you imagine? People there waited 12 hours in line for bread and vegetables—maybe for the first time in their lives.

And they’re far from the only ones.

Please understand: Something awful is unfolding in this country… and absolutely no one is immune to its effects.

Even those who have been perfectly comfortable until now.

Even you.

The only good news is…

There’s still a way to stay safe. As long as you move quickly…

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