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Crisis en Fortaleza

Momentos intensos vive el Gobierno de Puerto Rico donde un grupo de manifestantes exigen la renuncia del actual gobernador Hon.Ricardo Rosello.

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14-Times Lottery Winner Reveals His Secret to the World

When the odds of something happening are really low, you say: “It’s like winning a lottery.” Yet, one man, over the course of 30 years, actually did win the lottery 14 times in a row! Sounds improbable, but this is the real story of a mathematical genius, Stefan Mandel. It all began in the 1960s, when a poor Romanian accountant was living on $88 a month and came up with a solution that, perhaps, only he could think of: lottery. He spent every minute he had off work and family life analyzing papers on math and working on his own algorithm. And it worked!

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How to Get Tons of Traffic from Twitter

TweetDis a WordPress plugin that creates ‘tweetable quotes’ in your articles. These click to tweet links catch the attention of your readers and make them tweet your content.

t does not matter how many followers you have on Twitter; what matters is how many of your website visitors will tweet your content to their followers.

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Classes to Spark Your Creativity

Skill share is a learning platform with online classes taught by the world’s best practitioners. Personalized, on-demand learning in design, business, photography, tech, and more.

Explore thousands of classes to fuel your creativity and career with a FREE Premium Membership. Only $10 a month.

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INSTAGRAM vs. FACEBOOK Ads for DROPSHIPPING (which should you use with Shopify?)

Which is best for dropshippers: Instagram Shoutouts, or Facebook Ads for a dropshipping store?

There are two popular types of traffic sources when dropshipping: Facebook ads, and Instagram shoutouts. Which one is best for dropshipping? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Which Is the Easiest for Newbies to Make Money?


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💸 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic (2019)

2019 Business idea? Or want to start generating FREE Shopify traffic and sales in 2019? Here’s how to get started. One of my notorious traffic methods in the community is leveraging Instagram to generate mass amounts of free traffic and sales. One particular drop shipping website I own with a business partner of mine actually does around $1,783/week from completely FREE Instagram Traffic. Naturally, I get asked how I do this on a daily basis. So today I figured I’d film this quick video showing exactly how I do it.

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Second-Hand Shopping: How to Save at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

Want to save more money shopping for clothes and other home goods? Learn more about the types of second-hand shops, and strategies to find the best deals.

Before we get into the tips on how to hit a home run at this stores, let’s first get familiar with the different types of shops.

Types of Second-Hand Stores

If you live in a medium to large-sized city, you probably have access to several different types of second-hand shops. You may find some overlap in the merchandise between different categories of shops. If you have a clear idea of what you need, you can visit the type of shop most likely to carry the goods you need to save you time and stress, and to increase your chances for success.

Choose Your Store Carefully
Second-hand stores often specialize and you may find that the quality and style of the goods match the community where the store is located. If you want to buy designer clothing, target a consignment store or a for-profit second-hand store in an affluent community.

Origen: Second-Hand Shopping: How to Save at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

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Earn $10 in 10 Minutes by Completing These Free & Easy Offers

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Tips to Make Money Online. Discover How You Can Earn More and Save More with Cash Paying Surveys, Cash Back Shopping, and More!

The InboxDollars offers page is filled with tons of unique offers, from sandwiches to flowers to coupons.

While many are exclusive savings and deals for our members (i.e. first month free subscriptions or 40% off savings), there are a handful of free offers that offer a quick payout simply for signing up.

Those types of offers are always changing. To make sure you’re not missing out, the key is to check the offers page frequently AND make sure you’re checking out the offers on both your desktop and your mobile device.

Even if you don’t have the InboxDollars app installed, you can access the site from your mobile device by going to from your browser.  The mobile site has enlarged font and icons and is easy to navigate.

This month, we have some great, free offers you can complete in about 10 minutes that will pay you at least  $ 10.00.

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Her name is Marijuana Pepsi, and she just got her doctorate

Marijuana Pepsi embraces the name as proof that you can overcome any obstacle in life and achieve your dreams.

Her mother, Maggie (Brandy) Johnson, who still lives in Beloit, picked out her name and proclaimed that it would take her around the world. Her sisters, one older and one younger, got relatively common names, Kimberly and Robin.

Teachers, classmates, bosses and other people in Marijuana’s life pushed back against her name and teased her. Some suggested she go to court and change it. Some flat out refused to call her that or insisted on Mary, which she rejected.

As much as people blamed and judged her mother for the name, Marijuana credits her mom with making her the strong, balanced, entrepreneurial woman she is today. Her father, Aaron Jackson, lives with his wife in Chicago and is a devout Jehovah’s Witness.

She embraces the name as proof that you can overcome any obstacle in life and achieve your dreams. People may hear the name and picture someone spaced out on the couch, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Origen:Her name is Marijuana Pepsi, and she just got her doctorate

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Trump Rompe el Silencio

Este es el Vídeo oficial de Noticias Telemundo. José Díaz Balart entrevista al presidente Trump, por primera vez en exclusiva con una cadena de televisión hispana en Estados Unidos. El presidente habló de la separación de familias, del voto latino y de su relación con México. ”Con México, estoy feliz… esta semana”. Vea la entrevista íntegra en inglés con subtítulos en español.

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Earn Cash for Shopping Online – InboxDollars®

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Líder de la mayoría republicana del Senado en contra de la estadidad para Puerto Rico y Washington D.C.

Mitch McConnell descarta avanzar alguna legislación que permita a la Isla ser un estado

Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) afirmó hoy que mientras sea el líder de la mayoría republicana del Senado de Estados Unidos no avanzarán las propuestas para convertir a Puerto Rico y Washington D.C. en estado.

Al expresarse en contra de la agenda demócrata, que considera de corte socialista, McConnell incluyó “los planes” de los demócratas por impulsar la estadidad para la capital estadounidense y Puerto Rico. “Mientras sea el líder de la mayoría republicana nada de eso va para ningún lado”, dijo McConnell a la cadena Fox.

La mayoría demócrata de la Cámara baja federal planifica llevar a votación este año un proyecto de ley que convierta a Washington D.C. en el estado 51 de EE.UU. Pero, no tiene en agenda avanzar ese tipo de propuesta para la Isla.

Origen: Líder de la mayoría republicana del Senado en contra de la estadidad para Puerto Rico y Washington D.C.

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12 Hábitos de la Gente Exitosa que Estas Evitando Hacer Sin Darte Cuenta

La incomodidad conduce a la prosperidad- Redefine tu vida con estos 12 Hábitos de la Gente Exitosa que Estas Evitando Hacer Sin Darte Cuenta – Robert Kiyosaki – Resumen Animado – Financial Mentors

Seguramente Conoces a muchas personas que quieren cambiar parte o su vida completa. Quizá seas tú mismo, quien está en esa situación en estos momentos. Sin embargo, muchas veces no se considera el costo real de lo que significa lograr este cambio.

El cambio es difícil para cualquier persona porque nos exige pasar de lo cómodo a lo que no lo es. Incluso si el cambio significa algo saludable, todavía se siente más incómodo hacerlo.

Pero la realidad es que, si realmente quieres cambiar lo que tienes en la vida, debes cambiar quién eres y qué haces. Establece en tu vida estos: 12 hábitos que tarde o temprano te llevarán al éxito.

Si no tomas nota de estos 12 hábitos de la gente exitosa, y empiezas a practicarlos todos desde hoy mismo, corres el riesgo de mantenerte en la pobreza durante toda tu vida.