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Want to make more money? 😎

Who doesn’t? 

Well, you know those Lime scooters that are zipping all over town?

Discover how you can build a nice little stash of cash simply by picking up scooters and getting them all charged up for their next rides.

How can you get to be a Lime scooter charger/juicer? What does it take, and how much can you make?

Lime scooter charger/juicers service dockless electric scooters that are shared by riders in cities all over the world. We’ve all seen them around, but you might be amazed when you find out just how popular e-scooters have become.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on growth throughout 2020, but like all mobility businesses, including rideshare and delivery, micromobility driven by e-scooters is bouncing back.

Lime is a leading provider of e-scooters, operating in 120 cities across 28 countries.

With the popularity of micromobility in full swing again, there’s a ripe opportunity to add another flexible gig to your income stream, and it’s right here for the picking.

  • What is Lime?
  • How does “juicing” work?
  • How to harvest and serve for Lime
  • How much do Lime juicers make?
  • What are the requirements to be a Lime charger?
  • How to sign up for Lime
  • How do I contact Lime support?
  • Lime vs. Bird
  • Hoarding
  • Make Lime juicing your next side gig
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BEWARE of: The 5 Investing Mistakes🤑

Robert Kiyosaki always says to learn from your mistakes; in fact, mistakes are the best way to learn.

Well, we are going to ignore that second part and help you identify the 5 biggest mistakes investors make so you can avoid them.

Think of it as cooperative learning, learning from someone else’s mistakes.

Better learn these to avoid a lot of pain and money loss.

Who else to teach us but Rich Dad’s own stock advisor, Andy Tanner.