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Starting your own business is not how you think it will be: this is what will really happen

In February 2020 my company will be celebrating 5 years of being born. And although there is still a long way to go, I can affirm that throughout these years I have had the joy of celebrating great victories, but also of learning that in the entrepreneurial world not everything is honey on flakes, and that to get ahead is It is important to face, modify and understand that everything that is worthwhile in this world takes passion, time, patience and, of course, effort.

Are you about to start this journey or are you determined to do it soon? These three fundamental aspects will help you face your own entrepreneurial path more easily.

What do you expect vs. what are you actually going to live

Every day we are more people who ask for honesty and transparency; We can see it, for example, in social networks and even in the topics that are addressed in the already so popular podcasts. There is a constant hunger for wanting to know and distinguish what is false from what is real because we have realized that what is sold as «perfect» is just one more tool to sell.

And what does an entrepreneur need if it is not the reality of what he is about to live? Or better yet, and this is a question I asked myself for at least the first two years, is it just me going through this or why isn’t anyone talking about it?

1. Recognize that what you offer is not for everyone

When the idea of entrepreneurship comes into our heads, it is very common that in the first instance we think that everyone around us will want to buy our product or service. «Who would not want what I offer?», You repeat. This is the expectation of believing that they are all our potential customers and that if you do a good job of selling, it is almost a given that you will get the «yes».

Reality? What you offer cannot and should not be to everyone’s liking. So the first step to save yourself multiple headaches is to stop stating that: «anyone can be your customer.» From here, the most important thing is that both you and your team define your ideal type of client as soon as possible. In this way, they will not only obtain the clarity they need to reach it, but will also increase the probability of closing a new sale.

2. Forget the success of others and focus on yours

At some point along the way, your expectations will make you want to compare yourself. Especially since being part of the entrepreneurial world it is common for you to start rubbing shoulders with people who are on the same page; and because it is also a natural action of the human being. However, your competition cannot be your reference, since everyone who decides to undertake has a different path and circumstances.

Reality? Turning to see your competition, or other entrepreneurs, should serve only as inspiration, to take ideas and improve them, get out of your comfort zone, create alliances or change course. And far from sinking or demotivated, you should focus your efforts on what is right for your business based on the tools and possibilities available at this time.

3. Accept that entrepreneurship is not related to “having more free time”

For many, one of the greatest expectations and incentives when undertaking is the power to “have more free time”. And this is where the pin arrives, without warning, to burst the balloon that you inflated previously, since “having more free time” is not possible if you want your business to work; mainly if we talk about the early years.

Reality?   To undertake, you have to be willing to sacrifice weekends, vacations and even hours of sleep. And although this process does not last forever, it is important to consider the investment of time necessary to build an image, maintain a good reputation, retain clients, win projects and make it profitable over time.

That said, remember that one of the most important keys for a business to grow is patience. And that courage is one of the greatest characteristics to become a great entrepreneur.

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