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A Leader in Digital Content Delivery

  • 10,000+ publishing partners
  • 1,500+ higher ed and corporate training partners
  • Millions of student and professional learners
  • Nation’s most utilized Inclusive Access platform among independent college bookstores
  • Primary digital provider to all Follett-managed stores

As one of the nation’s leading edtech companies, RedShelf has helped thousands of colleges, businesses, and publishers transition effortlessly to more affordable, efficient digital textbooks, training materials, and learning content.

Spend less and study smarter with Digital Textbooks from RedShelf

Up to 80% less expensive than print

Anywhere access from any device

Built-in study tools

Lightweight and eco-friendly

Offering nearly one million digital titles, RedShelf has the books you need at a fraction of the price. But that’s only part of the reason students choose us. We don’t just give you a deal—we give you an edge.

Origen: A Leader in Digital Content Delivery

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Origen: Earn REAL Money from the Comfort of Your Home

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Origen : The Best Place to Find Amazing Deals