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How much does it really cost to start a business? 💸

The Cost of Being the Boss: What Business Owners Spend in Their First Year [Research]

We surveyed over aspirational entrepreneurs in the US and asked them to answer a deceptively simple question: “How much does it cost to start a business?” We then asked established ecommerce small business owners to share their first-year spend, and compared their responses with the predictions made by aspirational entrepreneurs.

We found that aspirational entrepreneurs underestimated how much money they need to start a business—by a lot.

How much do small businesses really spend in their first year? Do high-earning businesses spend their money differently? And if so, how? We answer these questions and more.

Origen: How much does it really cost to start a business? 💸

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18 best side hustles for busy students 🤓

Are you still looking for the best business idea to start in 2021? 

Don’t worry. 

In our latest video you’ll learn about 18 side hustles that fit between your classes and homework.

Add side income to your syllabus today.

Looking to make some extra money while studying?

Here are 18 side hustle ideas that even the busiest students can take on in 2021 to earn a little something on the side. These ideas don’t require much (or any) money and experience, which makes them perfect for students.

Origen : 18 best side hustles for busy students 🤓

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[Free 1on1] The key to crushing $3k/day on Shopify without any experience.

FREE 1-on-1 With Shopify Mentor

If you’re reading this then you already know how powerful Shopify can be for everyday folks trying to make a living from anywhere they want.

You already know that right now eCom is going through a massive boom & is the absolute best time to start your own store. 

You already know all of this… because you watched my training. 

But do you know HOW to actually take advantage of all this information.

Well, as a way of saying thank you for watching my training (and as a way of giving you an actual plan built for you) I’m offering a free 1on1 strategy sessionwith a highly-skilled eCom expert hand-picked personally by me.

Look, there’s a reason some people succeed and some people don’t.

It’s not because they aren’t smart enough or because they’re not rich enough.

And as someone who’s had their own fair share of success I can say that no matter who you are if you’re just starting out on your own you’re going to run into obstacles.

But something that I think all people who “made it” have in common is the fact that they are for the most part pretty persistent people. They don’t give up easily. Once they get started they don’t pull off the brakes until they have hit the point where they can let things run on their own.

And most importantly – they take action.

For example, Jon got his store up to 46 orders in a day! And his advice for anyone trying to do the same? (see screenshot below)

*earnings disclaimer: obviously these students are beyond what is typical of the average person who starts a store.  They had in-depth training with me & invested time to build their business.  We cannot guarantee results of any kind, we are an educational company.  We are just simply showing you what others have achieved with e-commerce by working hard, getting educated and sticking with it.  Everyone gets their own unique results, obviously.  You should never compare yourself to others… but you should be inspired by seeing others succeed.

The best part? Not only does he have the financial freedom to take care of himself and his family – he’s also earned the time freedom to spend his days doing whatever he wants.

But first they had to get started.

So, what are you waiting for???

These strategy sessions are normally worth $500, but I want to show you how serious I am about helping people succeed in eCom – especially those that stayed on my free training. 

You have nothing to lose & everything to gain – this is an opportunity you do not want to miss.

We do not offer reschedules, there’s just no way. So pick a time that you’re sure will work.

If you’ve ever thought about starting an online business, turning that business into a sustainable income, with a low barrier to entry and a high flexibility to do what you want,

Click here to talk to a member of our team to finally get started

Origen: [Free 1on1] The key to crushing $3k/day on Shopify without any experience.