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The top 10 growing industries to break into in 2021

One silver lining to take away from a pandemic informed job market is the ample new opportunities available for people to bring their unique qualifications to the table.

Data analysts over at LinkedIn explored job listings with an increased demand for experts in different fields. They found exponential growth potential in the following job markets:

  • Data science
  • Software development
  • Healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mental health
  • Sales
  • Digital designers
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Education

If you’re currently job hunting I highly recommend gearing your search towards any of these thriving industries to ensure job stability for years to come based on recent research.

1. Data science

Due to an increased demand to streamline remote operations for companies across the globe, data scientists are having their day in the sun. This career path compensates experts handsomely for their trade. If you have a background in programming, statistics, machine learning, calculus, and coding you have the tools required to excel in this industry.

Varen Technologies specializes in cybersecurity for the federal government, Department of Defense, and Homeland Security. They are currently looking to bring a data scientist aboard to build statistical models, test hypotheses, and interpret, summarize, visualize, and report on data findings. Start making 80-100K per year by sending in your resume on Ladders’ website here.

2. Software development

The call for software developers has increased 25% post-pandemic according to recent data. Some key skills to highlight on your resume to land a job as a software developer are excellent time management skills, mathematical aptitude, attention to detail, and a demonstrated understanding of different programming languages, data structures, and algorithms. 

Blue Label Labs is looking for someone well versed in the aforementioned areas of expertise to assist companies and brands in building and evolving whatever ideas they have into a digital product that does well in the online consumer marketplace. You can apply here to start earning an 80-100K salary.

3. Healthcare

It should come as no surprise that jobs in the healthcare sector have risen dramatically in light of a global health crisis. Those bleeding hearts with a background in practicing medicine or improving telehealth operations to provide care or training at home have a great chance in landing a career at a hospital or private practice this year. 

Hearst Television Inc. is looking for a nursing content developer to assist in training new nurses through providing guidance on best care practices for nurses and other hospital staff via telecommunication pipelines. This allows for new personnel to get the training they need at home instead of at hospitals overrun with patients fighting COVID-19. Apply for this open position here on our site to earn an 80-100K per year salary.

4. Artificial intelligence

AI aficionados are more in demand than ever. This could be because companies were forced to furlough employees when the pandemic hit so they looked for ways to keep up with production despite having less “human” hands-on board. Folks with a background in data science and a good grasp on understanding programming languages, linear algebra, statistics, calculus, and designing neural network architecture have a better chance at entering this growing industry.

RE2 Robotics is looking to fill the role of a principal research scientist for AI technology. If you’d like to come up with intelligent mechanisms to finish work safely and efficiently I’d recommend applying on Ladders’ website today and you can start making 80-100K per year coupled with an incredibly generous benefits package.

5. Mental health practitioners

Adjusting to the new normal imposed by this pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone. The most resilient human being can only take so much isolation and abrupt changes to their day to day lives before they break and reach out to specialists to talk them through unprecedented times.

Jobs available for those specializing in the mental health arena have increased by 24% in 2020. The company Doctor on Demand is searching for someone to lead the behavioral health department as an associate manager. This is an online portal offering virtual care with a team of board-certified therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists ready to see patients on their schedule. Join this team making mental health more accessible in today’s world and you can start earning 80-100K each year!

6. Sales

Many businesses faced extreme losses last year and required sales consultants to help repair the bottom line that sunk to dangerous levels last year. It’s difficult to maintain sales and move your product when people are cutting back and saving money for emergency funds.

Despite pandemic limitations, jobs that specialize in helping business regain their financial footing rose by 45% last year and counting. PayPal is onboarding a new director for their salesforce sales platform. You must be able to highlight industry trends and recommend strategies for marketing and sales based on that information to increase revenue. If you have a background in sales or marketing apply for this position paying 80-100K per year.

7. Digital design

Most people are purchasing things online since it’s a safer alternative to in-person shopping so websites need a helping hand to ensure web design drives sales. Recruiters have ramped up their search for graphic designers ready to take online portals to the next level! If you have a background in IT with a creative spark and you’re comfortable using programs that focus on the data-oriented design there are ample opportunities to put those skills to work.

Applied Memetics LLC. is hiring a web designer to enhance their online presence. This gig pays a 100-150K salary for a veteran graphics artist with 5 to 7 years of experience. You can apply your valuable skill set here on our website.

8. Marketing

If you have a background in digital marketing the opportunities available in this field have expanded tremendously at an increased hiring rate of 33% post-pandemic. Columbia offers a digital online boot camp for those interested in becoming a digital marketing professional in only 18 weeks! You’ll learn how to “create and execute a successful marketing strategy, including campaign development, user acquisition, digital advertising, content marketing, retention strategy, SEO, optimization, and more” according to the syllabus.

Sikich is looking to bring on a web developer and digital marketing specialist to develop WordPress websites with responsive landing pages for custom websites and products. This career path is remote and offers a competitive salary of 80-100K per year. Don’t hesitate to shoot your resume over here and get your career rolling in the right direction for 2021.

9. Finance

No matter which way the global market is turning financial institutions manage to stay afloat. Several companies had to bring financial analysts onboard to rework budgets to stay in business when operations stagnated during the height of the coronavirus crisis. Financial literacy, experience in accounting, and organizational skills will set you apart from the competition if you’re trying to break into this field.

Ericsson is hiring a financial analyst to deliver recommendations to improve monetary performance through careful analysis, reviews, and reports on their current financial progress and where they could cut costs to avoid deficit spending. Start earning 80-100K each year with your brand new career as a financial analyst by sending in your application here.

10. Education

The landscape of higher learning has changed dramatically post-pandemic and with the added learning curve of remote learning and hybrid models, educators ready to take on these new challenges are in high demand. Parents attempting to balance work-from-home life sought tutors and assistants with teaching backgrounds to help alleviate the pressure of dual-parent/educator roles by 20% according to data collected last year.

Case Western Reserve University is hiring an education specialist to advise and instruct students on onboarding practices, help with processing paperwork, and communicating with clinical instructors on their student’s progress in this mentor program. The salary starts at 80K which is higher than the average salary of most educator roles that usually range from 40-60K per year so don’t be shy and apply for this position sooner than later.

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