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How The Rich Make Their Money

Making money through cash flow versus capital gains.

How do you currently make money? By going to your job every day and collecting a biweekly paycheck in exchange for your work? Most people make money this way because it’s what they are taught to do by their parents or teachers. Also, it feels like a safe and secure path because it’s the traditional route.

Well, what if I told you that there’s another way? Another path in life that doesn’t require you to trade time for money? A path that allows you to follow your passion, achieve financial freedom, and reach your life goals? Now I’ve piqued your interest, right? This path is precisely how the rich make their money — and it’s not from an hourly wage or salary.

Instead, they make their money from their investments. In fact, the best way to make money is as an investor — but the question I’m often asked is: How do you make that money?

If your monthly income as an investor does not come from a job, then where does it come from?

Making Your Money Work for You If there’s one thing the rich do differently than the poor, it’s that they put their money to work instead of working for their money. What does that mean?

Their money isn’t just sitting around in a savings account, accruing little-to-no interest, waiting for a rainy day. Their money is being invested — and delivering a return!

Different investments produce different results. The question is, what results do you want? Do you run a CASHFLOW Club?

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5 Easy Ways to Stop Being Broke Right Now

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