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Una nueva herramienta para buscar empleo

Career Transitions, Inc. y GFR se unen para brindar apoyo en la reinserción al mundo laboral

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Movie Extras Wanted

MOVIE EXTRAS – Earn up to $300/Day! Work on TV and Film. All looks welcome, no experience needed to start, flexible schedule. We are currently seeking Movie Extras, Actors and Models in Your Area!

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Why Am I Being Paid So Much Less Than Market Rate?

If you’ve recently taken PayScale’s Salary Survey and found that others in your industry are earning a lot more than you are, your reaction might be indignation … followed swiftly by a resigned shrug. In an era when some employers will insist on verifying a candidate’s salary history to the point of demanding W-2s, how can you ever hope to catch up? Before you despair of ever being paid what you’re worth, you need to figure out why your current salary is sitting in the bottom percentiles. Here are a few possibilities to consider: 1. Your job title is wrong.

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Never Include These Ten Things on Your Resume

Your resume must instantly make an impression on busy hiring managers, so it’s important to maximize its impact. While thinking about what information you should include, give equal attention to information you should omit. Certain content might be unnecessary, redundant or inappropriate. Consider omitting the following 10 items from your resume.

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More jobs projected at Tesla’s Northern Nevada gigafactory

The number of jobs to be created by the Tesla gigafactory in Northern Nevada is now expected to surpass original estimates.

More than 10,000 jobs are now forecast to come out of the Tesla plant, or 54 percent more than the 6,500 initial plans for the factory stated, according to Steve Hill, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

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