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Donald Trump más Agresivo e Irrespetuoso 

Donald Trump desata su ira contra demócratas y periodistas; Los latinos rompen récord de presencia en la Cámara de Representantes; En estas elecciones las mujeres fueron las grandes ganadoras; Concluye selección de jurado para el juicio contra El Chapo Guzmán; Sube a más de 4000 el número de centroamericanos en Ciudad de México; Colaboró con la Migra y ahora tendrá que pagar muy caro.

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Families belong together and not in cages

RSVP for a #FamiliesBelongTogether event near you. Tomorrow we take to the streets to tell Donald Trump and his administration to permanently end the separation of kids from their parents. Our demand is clear and not negotiable: Reunite families, end family detention, and end zero tolerance. All families belong together. Period. Tomorrow, June 30th, will be a “Families Belong Together” national day of action, with more than 600 events in all 50 states, and an anchor protest in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. Tens of thousands of people are expected to participate. The actions are focused on opposing the separation and detention of immigrant families. Right now, all the Republican bills to address this manufactured crisis are terrible and unacceptable. The Trump administration is saying the only options are separation or indefinite detention, but that is wrong. There is no reason for the vast majority of immigrant families to be prosecuted and kept in cages. They’re trying to trade family separation for jailing children in unlicensed facilities, which is unacceptable. RSVP for an event near you to put a stop to this. And help amplify our #FamiliesBelongTogether protests online by inviting your friends to join this campaign and call on Congress to end family separation and detention now.

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