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This Is the FULL Ricardo Rosselló Interview on Fox News

In case you missed the train wreck, here is the full Fox News Monday interview with Shepard Smith and Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló. Yes, it was a train wreck. Over 1 million people are protesting and you are talking about “procurement.”

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EN VIVO | Gobierno en jaque: pueblo en paro

Conoce cuál es la ruta oficial y las vías alternas. Te decimos TODO.

Sindicatos, artistas y ciudadanos se preparan hoy, lunes, para unir sus voces en lo que se espera sea una masiva manifestación con miras a exigir la renuncia del gobernador Ricardo Rosselló.

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Residente y Bad Bunny también sacan canción contra Rosselló

El cantante del género urbano PJ Sin Suela, cuyo nombre de pila es Pedro Juan Vázquez, publicó en redes sociales el primer tema musical basado en el #TelegramGate que comenzó la semana pasada con las filtraciones del chat que mantiene al borde de la renuncia al gobernador Ricardo Rosselló y que ya llevó a la salida de varios funcionarios.

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The Wall – A Nation Divided

CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal travels to the Tohono O’odham reservation, which straddles 75 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. This little-seen corner of Arizona is an area rife with drug traffickers, coyotes and migrants looking to enter the U.S. Members of the Tohono O’odham tribe who live here have managed to keep their culture alive in spite of an international border that bisects their ancestral land and separates families on either side. But they fear the wall will destroy it.

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The Mole People Living Underneath the Las Vegas Strip

There is more to Las Vegas than the glitzy neon lights, casinos and clubs. Underground lies a less glamorous reality of homeless life. In the 1990s, the city built storm-drainage tunnels to protect the strip from raging flash floods. Today, the 600 miles of flood tunnels are home to over 400 of the city’s homeless population.

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83 misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh

It’s been fewer than three months since Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a lifetime Supreme Court Justice, and since then, the 15 ethics complaints against him has grown to 83. It was the duty of the 10th Circuit Judicial Council to review these complaints and issue a ruling on their findings, but there’s one problem: the 10th Circuit does not have jurisdiction over members of the Supreme Court. So what happens now? It’s up to Chief Justice Roberts to decide on next steps. (This is the same man who waited until after Kavanaugh was confirmed to forward these complaints to the 10th Circuit.) Before ruling a non-verdict, the Council found that these complaints mostly dealt with Kavanaugh’s past, his biased behavior while serving on the Court of Appeals, and partisan statements made during his hearings. Members of the 10th Circuit are not the first to notice Kavanaugh’s partisan and biased leanings. Back in the fall, Brigade Campaign Leader Lisa reached out to her former Senator, Lisa Murkowski, asking her to vote no on Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation. In Murkowski’s response back to Lisa, she wrote that Kavanaugh’s display of partisanship is one of the factors that led her to taking a stance against the judge. No one really knows what will happen next, but one thing is certain: it’s up to us to make sure these complaints do not just “disappear” as Chief Justice Roberts and others may hope they will. Many people were unsure how key senators would vote following the Kavanaugh hearings, and some assumed that Senator Murkowski would refelxively vote with her party and confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But after people like Lisa raised their voices and asked Senator Murkowski to consider Kavanaugh’s obvious partisanship, the accounts of women who bravely stepped forward, and his demeanor during the hearings – she did. Now, we need to continue raising our voices like Lisa did and ensure these 83 misconduct complaints don’t get swept under the rug. Fill out this form if you’re interested in taking your advocacy to the next level.

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These 7 Republicans could help block Trump’s wall

Senators are voting on Trump’s $5 billion wall right now. We must keep up the pressure on these 7 Republican Senators to block it. Take action now. Sign this petition and tweet at these 7 key Republican Senators: Sen. Murkowski Click to Tweet: .@lisamurkowski vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Lee Click to Tweet: .@SenMikeLee vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Collins Click to Tweet: .@SenatorCollins vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Corker Click to Tweet: .@SenBobCorker vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Moran Click to Tweet: .@JerryMoran vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Flake Click to Tweet: .@JeffFlake vote NO on $5 billion for a wasteful border wall or you are responsible for the #TrumpShutdown. Our tax dollars must go to solutions, not more chaos. #NoWall #SavetheHolidays Sen. Gardner Click to Tweet: .@SenCoryGardner don’t vote for the #TrumpShutdown over $5 billion for a border wall. Stand up for Colorado families and our tax dollars. We want solutions, not chaos.

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1,400+ signatures — we’re almost halfway there

Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the government because he can’t convince his Republican colleagues to vote for Border Wall funding – now he is attempting to bully Democrats into supporting his vanity project. Donald Trump has taken another unprecedented presidential action, threatening to shut down the government while his political party possess unified government control. Trump can’t convince his Republican colleagues to support his border wall but is trying to pin blame on Democrats. Donald Trump is threatening to furlough thousands of government workers during the holiday season. A government shutdown might sound like something abstract, but it has severe and real consequences for the thousands of government employees who will have their pay suspended and their jobs in question during the holiday season. Threatening hardworking government employees’ livelihoods to score political points is abusive and irresponsible. Importantly, Democrats shouldn’t be necessary to approving a Border Wall. Republicans control majorities in both Houses of Congress and hold the presidency, if they had the votes to approve border wall funding, they could simply vote to do so. But instead, President Trump is attempting to bully Democrats into voting for a package that even his own party can’t fully support. Add your name to tell your representatives to stand firm and refuse to fund Trump’s inhumane and ineffective Border Wall.

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We the People have the Power!

Today is Election Day…

and it should serve as a reminder that the real power in our democracy lies with ordinary voters like you.

Over 350 candidates for U.S. Congress have gone on the record about how they will defend our democracy—after hearing voters like you demand it.

With your help, we will make sure democracy is a top priority for next year’s Congress. You can see which of your candidates responded here.

Make no mistake, we have a lot of work ahead of us to make sure our democracy includes everyone and works for all of us. But as you read this, the millions of Americans heading to the polls today will decide, together, what path our nation will take forward. That’s nothing short of remarkable.

If you’re an eligible voter, casting your ballot today is one of the most important things you can do to participate in our democracy. Our vote is our voice, and unless we speak out, our government won’t fairly represent us.

Thank you for everything you’ve done up until now. Whether you encouraged your friends and family to get registered and vote, spoke out about an issue that mattered to you, or signed up to volunteer at the polls today—you are a vital part of our movement for a stronger democracy.

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Agree or Disagree? ICE should build immigrant prisons

Take the poll: Do you agree or disagree that ICE should work with private corporations to build immigrant prisons? ICE is expanding. In May, they released a plan to build new immigrant prisons across the midwest. And with 13,312 immigrant children in federal custody, they plan to expand tent cities currently housing those children from hundreds to thousands of beds – and they’re taking money from cancer research and other crucial programs to do it. The states that have been targeted by ICE to build immigrant prisons in conjunction with private corporations GEO Group and CoreCivic include: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, in addition to expanding an existing prison in Nevada. In Texas, the Tornillo tent city (supposedly intended to be a temporary holding center) will expand its capacity from 400 children’s beds to 3,800 – marking the third time the makeshift facility will grow in capacity. In order to fund detaining and imprisoning immigrant children, families, and others, the Trump administration is planning to tap into $260 million meant to fund cancer research, HIV/AIDS prevention, Medicare and Medicaid, and more. In Northwest Indiana where GEO Group has submitted a preliminary proposal to build an 800 bed immigrant prison, an entire community led by Ryan spent their summer organizing to stop the prison from coming to their area. “The fact that it’s a proposal for 800 beds is a huge expansion to the capacity to detain people here in Indiana,” says Margaret, president of Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies. “Once you build that prison, the private prison companies are motivated to keep people in it. We’re very concerned about what this says about our region, about how we value people in our region, and that people in our community who are fine, upstanding, contributing residents might be the people who are detained in that prison.” Now, advocates from across the state are banding together to oppose immigrant prisons in in Indiana. “Statewide this has been tried several times already,” #NoGEO brigade member Joseph told Senator Donnelly’s Legislative Counsel, referring to GEO Group’s previous attempts to build prisons in his state, “and it’s been shown that Indiana residents don’t want this…It’s not something that we want here.” After flooding public hearings and running a successful awareness campaign in his community, Ryan and the residents of Roselawn, IN pressured local officials to publicly oppose the immigrant prison slated for their area; but the fight isn’t over yet, GEO Group still needs to withdraw the proposal they submitted to ICE. Indiana isn’t the only state ICE is targeting to build immigrant prisons. Join one of these brigades to help stop ICE from expanding in your state: Join the Minnesota brigade Join the Michigan brigade Join the Nevada brigade Join the Illinois brigade Join the Wyoming brigade Join the Indiana #NoGEO brigade

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