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Is Biden Going To Crash the Markets?

It’s not looking good for old “Sleepy Joe.” 

Under President Biden’s watch, prices are exploding on just about everything. 

Used car prices ballooned 45% in a year. 

Gas prices were $2.38 the day Biden was inaugurated.  A little over a year later, they averaged $4.25… an increase of 78%! 

Rent is up 50% in places like Miami.  

But according to Ph.D. Economist Mark Skousen, the worst is still ahead. 

He says the next two years will be very difficult, and could ruin unprepared investors. 

In fact, Dr. Skousen reports, the  Biden Disaster will unfold in three stages… and certain stocks will implode. 

Will there be a major market crash?

Dr. Skousen breaks it down in an exclusive interview right here.

He also goes through three investments that could 10X your money, thanks to Biden’s disaster. 

Get the details on these three 10X opportunities here.

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[Leaked Report] 7 Facts About The Looming Crisis

Sending you some rather alarming..

Most people are still unaware about the 7 major factors leading up to a devastating nationwide crisis.

I am reaching out to you today to warn you that 5 of them have already happened.

Learn the 7 signs of a crisis in this leaked report

If you don’t know what these signs are, your family is in immediate danger!

You must learn how to prepare for this disaster Now, because when it comes to your town it’ll be too late to act.

Discover everything you need to prepare yourself

There are some folks who don’t believe America can fall this far, but they’re simply not aware of the facts.

Watch this report to the very end and you may be Shocked at what you find out!

Let me know when you have read it your self

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Pass legislation to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation

To Members of the U.S. Senate: The American people deserve to know the truth about any interference by the Russian government in the 2016 election, any links with President Trump or his campaign, and any efforts to obstruct justice. Please co-sponsor (S.1735 & S.1741), the bipartisan legislation that would help prevent President Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller or interfering with his investigation. The need to speak up to protect this investigation just got even more urgent: President Donald Trump gave the order to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in June. His own top lawyer threatened to quit if he did, so Trump backed down. Trump will no doubt be furious that this news was leaked — especially as the investigation catches up to him. Mueller’s job is to make sure that no one involved in whatever wrongdoing may have occurred – including the President or his family – is above the law. If we let Trump derail his investigation, it would be a detriment to our democracy and the rule of law. Where we’re at now: Fortunately, some Republicans and Democrats have come together to introduce legislation that would make it much more difficult for President Trump to fire Special Counsel Mueller, and preserve the independence of future Special Counsels. This is a hopeful sign of bipartisan agreement on a matter of fundamental importance to the rule of law. That’s why it’s time for every Senator to put country before party and pass legislation to protect Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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