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This App can make you a landlord with just $5

It’s safe to say that millions of Americans dream of becoming real estate investors but can’t or don’t due to a variety of challenges, including lack of accreditation, capital and time.

So it’s no surprise that in recent years, a flurry of startups have emerged that aim to give more people access to real estate ownership in the form of fractional shares.

Real estate ownership is the biggest source of wealth generation, and it’s out of reach for most Americans. As housing inequality grows, wealth inequality grows and property ownership remains inaccessible.

So this new app is brainstorming on ways to lower the barrier to entry to real estate and provide more people with the ability to access the asset class.

Until late last year, this app was mainly “getting through the regulatory process,”

So it only really started seeing significant growth this year. Specifically, grew from 600 to nearly 25,000 investors using its app in 2022.

Those users have invested in about 400 properties using the app. The startup currently has properties in Atlanta and New York City and will soon be launching in Charlotte, Birmingham, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida.

The company’s goal with its latest capital is to scale and gain “more investors in more markets.

This app over time has also secured $60 million in debt financing toward its market expansions.

The only requirements for investors are that they be above the age of 18 and U.S. residents. They can start investing with just $5, and buy and sell shares.

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Is Biden Going To Crash the Markets?

It’s not looking good for old “Sleepy Joe.” 

Under President Biden’s watch, prices are exploding on just about everything. 

Used car prices ballooned 45% in a year. 

Gas prices were $2.38 the day Biden was inaugurated.  A little over a year later, they averaged $4.25… an increase of 78%! 

Rent is up 50% in places like Miami.  

But according to Ph.D. Economist Mark Skousen, the worst is still ahead. 

He says the next two years will be very difficult, and could ruin unprepared investors. 

In fact, Dr. Skousen reports, the  Biden Disaster will unfold in three stages… and certain stocks will implode. 

Will there be a major market crash?

Dr. Skousen breaks it down in an exclusive interview right here.

He also goes through three investments that could 10X your money, thanks to Biden’s disaster. 

Get the details on these three 10X opportunities here.