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There’s a big reason why this company’s shares are on the move

Google and Facebook Meet Their Greatest Rival

A revolution is happening that’s caught the fat and happy tech titans asleep at the wheel, and it could hand investors the best returns of a generation.

Across North America, people are waking up to Facebook and Google’s pernicious practices.

And users are dropping off by the millions as they become aware of how their personal information is being harvested and sold in order to push their intrusive and annoying ads.

So you may be wondering what’s next? Or the even bigger question…

As People Abandon Facebook in Droves What Happens With Their $84 Billion In Advertising Dollars?

One recently uplisted Nasdaq player has a technology breakthrough that could forever transform how in-game and in-app advertising works.

You see, this company doesn’t push pesky ads; they create rewards within the games and apps consumers already love.

And what they’ve found out is it works. It really works.

20th Century Icons, White Castle and NASCAR, Were Blown Away By Versus System’s Pioneering Ad Platform

In one test, 97% of users said that adding real-world rewards to the game they played actually made the game more fun.

The brands and content partners working with this company were thrilled:

  • White Castle used the platform to achieve a transaction rate that was more than 60 times higher than industry standards, in addition to a 280% growth in incremental purchases.
  • And a top game publisher’s NASCAR game saw a 44% increase in user session time and a whopping 15 minutes of advertiser brand exposure per game.

This innovative company has already given away over half a million prizes over millions of game sessions. And they’re only getting started.

Thanks to a multi-year contract with computing giant HP, their rewards system now comes pre-installed in all HP OMEN and HP Pavilion computers.

Keep in mind, HP sells about 40 million computers globally.

This massive deal allows them to tap directly into the $159 billion global online gaming market.

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[Youtube] How to Hack the Algorithm for More Views & More Money

Hey, I just released a new training that shows anyone getting started on YouTube how to hack the algorithm to get more views and make more money.

But just a quick heads up…

The answer may not be what you expect.

And this «hack» may just be little trickier than what you’re seeing online. 

But I firmly believe that if you apply what I’m about to show you, it will actually make your growth on YouTube easier as well as long-term.

That’s right…

Our chief concern here is to use YouTube to grow your business and allow you to make money online for years to come.

That’s why today’s training is especially important.

Please check it out before uploading your next video.

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After 13 months of waiting… this opportunity is about to go supernova

After more than 13 months of waiting, the moment has arrived…

The U.S. economy is about to BOOM.

According to Fortune magazine, the U.S. economy could outperform China for the first time in 45 years.

And I just issued 8 urgent buys to capture the full upswing.

Now, it doesn’t really matter what your stance is on getting the vaccine…

Over 2 million people are getting vaccinated every day.

And over 86 million Americans have been fully vaccinated.

It also doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree with President Biden’s policies… (I certainly have my opinions.)

The basic fact is hundreds of millions of people are now getting a “get out of jail” free card…

And there’s never been more money to spend and pent-up consumer demand in history.

In plain English… the U.S. economy is about to go supernova.

And I’ve uncovered the 8 hypergrowth stocks and two bonus picks that could be the biggest benefactors of the upcoming economic boom.

You can learn more about these incredible stocks by watching this short video.

You’ll also learn about an investing road map I just created with legendary growth investor Louis Navellier…

An investing road map that could help you beat the markets by nearly 11X over the next 12 months.

Everything you need to know is right here.

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