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10x to 100x Returns: Day Trading Is Your Secret Weapon

We’ve all been watching the incredible gains happening in cryptos, NFT’s (digital art&collectibles), Alt-Coins, SPAC IPOs, and more. Some of the top gainers in Q1? 5,000%+. It defies almost all logic, right? Speculation has the most incredible rewards but also the greatest risks. Do you want to invest your hard-earned savings, income, or retirement accounts in this type of speculation?

If you’re like most people, the answer is NO.  They can go to $0.  But, it’s painful to keep missing out.  You want to participate in the speculation and have a chance at those 10x to 100x gains, right? Can you do both?  YES!


First, create a consistent trade plan that creates steady income through day trading. Then, take a percentage of those returns, let’s say 10% – 25%, and only use those returns to invest in the speculative markets.

Now, you’re only risking «house money,» funds you generated actively in your trading.  That part can be an incredible powerhouse of growth for your portfolio.

The missing link for most people reading this? A day trading system that you can trade reliably and only takes on average about 10 minutes per day, and you can get started immediately. 

We’re going to be showing you exactly how you can start right away, build your account and start peeling off profits to then reinvest in the speculative markets without risking the mortgage money.

Take a look at this week in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Paypal announced the ability for their merchants to get paid in crypto. Visa this week announced payment settlements for businesses in crypto. Goldman Sachs is rumored to be adding crypto services to its wealth management clients. Fidelity plans to launch an ETF. Then recently, big news from JP Morgan, Mastercard, BlackRock, etc…

You want a piece of that, right?

Something big is happening. Again, we’ve seen 10x – 100x returns just this quarter if you were positioned right. The problem is you have to be comfortable with some of these bets going to $0. Hype isn’t always bankable.

Did you know that the most outstanding Silicon Valley venture capital companies fully expect most of their investments to end worthless.  They are betting on the occasional home run to more than makeup for the losses.  They almost always do when you investigate their track records.  Taking big bets is essential but that’s hard for us little guys and gals to do right?

That’s why we say put in place a speculative income engine. Then, reinvest a small portion of those gains into the markets that have the potential for overwhelming returns.  

You need that engine, a system first. Join us on Tuesday, April 6th @ 12pm Eastern where we’ll show you how to deploy your new day trading system:

Reserve Your Spot (It’s Free To Attend) – Learn How To Create Your Speculative Trading Engine

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Here’s what I emailed my mom…and family!

Do you ever find it hard to explain to family and friends what «affiliate marketing» is?

Heck, most people who hear of ClickBank probably think it’s a bank account of some sort…

So here’s what I did this week…

I decided to write an email.

I copied my mom (who is bored in retirement), little sister (she’s 15 and stuck at home), and a couple friends (who are alway confused by how I live the life I do) and sent them this email…

Yes… I made some typos, I know… =)

Here’s the Best Way to Get Started

So if you want to learn how to finally crack the code and copy the success that’s helped students already earn up to $2.1 Million per month for 12 months…

Then I urge you to save your spot. Heck, I even bugged my mom to do it too.

I don’t send stuff to my friends and family so you know if I’m recommending this to them, it’s going to be a very powerful workshop.


  • Why this 3 step system has been by far one of the fastest and easiest ways for people to make up $1k/day or more online…and how our guest has been able to use this system to make as much as $54,390 in as little as a SINGLE day.
  • Why focusing on the 3 “money-making” niches that we’ll be revealing are the key to rapid scale and profit.
  • How to use specific psychology to effectively market and successfully get people to be interested in buying any product.
  • How our special guest used this 3 step system to go from being a struggling gym owner to making millions online.
  • How some students are making as much as over $100k per month in PROFIT and working as little as 1-2 hours per day.
  • Why ANYONE can do this regardless of tech skills, experience, or budget…and why you should do this if you want to start generating an income online.

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He retired in 18 months with $2.4 Million!

Starting with just $10,000, one regular guy was able to change his entire destiny.

He went from “staring down the barrel” of a future filled with endless work, worry and struggle…

To building up a war chest of cash that will provide him with income and security for the rest of his life.

And he did it in just 18 months…18 months!

Imagine where he could be in another 2-5 years if he just focuses on doing this one, repeatable thing over, and over, and over again.

The truth is, this strategy is quite simple to emulate.  And while you may not have the same experience that this one investor has managed to achieve…I’m sure that you will enjoy the pursuit, learn a lot, and with some luck and work will hopefully become self-sufficient, financially.

Learn the exact steps this one, normal guy took to balloon $10k into $2.4 million in just 18 Months below

What You Will Learn In This Free Training

Have you or someone you know experienced gut wrenching losses, or been completely wiped out in the past?

Have you ever thought there had to be a simpler way? 

Have you wondered if it’s really that hard to pick the right stocks in the right market conditions? 

Do you believe the stock market is a wealth building machine? 

Do you think you need to day trade, or trade penny stocks or speculate in options to grow wealth fast? 

Have you had some success from time to time, but been confused by what methods will work for you consistently? 

Join us today to answer these questions and for other timely information.