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What Changed Everything…

Do you know that one idea, one opportunity, one concept can change everything?

For me, it was the introduction to real estate. A unique concept that I did not know existed.

In May 2003, I had a JOB that I hated. I was 33 years old, and my wife just gave birth to my 1st daughter Lexie.

I didn’t have my life together al all, especially to support a new family. I was in a sales job at the time, and my income was sporadic. I had this nagging feeling my entire life that I wanted to be successful. I wanted freedom, a lifestyle that would allow me to travel and stay in the best hotels and fly 1st class.

I wanted to drive nice cars and live in beautiful houses around the US.

Here’s the problem, I came from a small town in Vermont, and my dad made no more than $45,000 a year. I got C’s and D’s in high school, and my guidance counselor told me that I should stick to manual labor jobs.

So I joined the Marine Corps and shipped off to Paris Island SC for boot camp.

To make a long story short, I had nothing going for me. No special talent, no formal education, my parents weren’t wealthy, and I doubted myself constantly.

I had one thing going for me; I had desire…

So when I was introduced to real estate, I was skeptical because I believed that I couldn’t get started because of my preconceived notion that I needed money for a down payment and good credit to qualify for a loan.

I didn’t have either!

Until I learned about «wholesaling houses.» The unique concept, the path where I might be able to get started.

Fast forward 17 years, that «concept» that «idea» changed everything for me. I still run a highly successful wholesaling operation where we do deals all across the United States. We do millions and millions of dollars in business.

My passion is to teach others this concept, this idea that changed my life, and I’m not sure where you are at in your life right now, but I can promise you that YOU can do this.

I’m holding a special LIVE training on Thursday late afternoon, where I would like to invite you to join me if you are able.

You can get all the details of the event by clicking here REGISTER

I will share with you several case studies of people just like you that believed they didn’t have what it takes to get started in real estate and overcame those limiting beliefs and now are doing fantastic!

You’ll be able to copy what they are doing so you can achieve success as well.

Join me Thursday night; you won’t want to miss it!

It’s doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can get started.

Discover YOUR Escape Plan

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Who doesn’t want FREE knowledge?

When you’re an entrepreneur, you always find yourself pulled in multiple directions. But the key to success is to realize your priorities as soon as possible. 5 years ago everyone spoke about how E-Commerce was the future… Well, the future is here!

Companies have either adapted and thrived in the internet age, or vanished into the ether like Radioshack, ToysRUs, Blockbuster. We prioritized in E-Commerce.. Now, what exactly is E-Commerce?

This week we are hosting a FREE training on E-Commerce!

When? Thursday at 8:30pm EST!

>> Register To The Webinar Here <<  

I recommend joining our FREE training on E-Com if you want to learn more! We specialize in teaching what we preach! We hope you’re excited for the training as much as we are!

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On the last training, over 300 people couldn’t get in because they arrived late – I don’t want this to be you! Take this time to set an alarm on your phone for 8:30pm EST (click here if you need this time converted to your local timezone).

Origen: Who doesn’t want FREE knowledge?

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NEW DOOR for Greater Impact

We have all heard the saying that when one door closes another door opens, right? I would bet to say you’ve heard this saying in your lifetime hands down…

But what does that really mean and are you really living that message?

How many times in our life have things not worked out like we thought they would? We got fired from a job, we started a business that never profited, we lost a relationship, lost money, gave up on ourself, etc…

And how many times when that happens do we get frustrated and try to open that door back up? We try to rekindle what was lost or we simply try to complain on “why” it happened to us and how it wasn’t “fair”.

But what if that door being closed was actually by design and part of the growth so you could be positioned perfectly for when the next door opens?

I think so many people “hypothetically” have their backs towards new doors and new opportunities because they are wiggling the knob of the old door desperately trying to cling to safety. So much so that they miss what could be a better door filled with more fulfillment and exactly what they were meant to do on this planet.

Sound familiar in any way? We have all been there at one point or another.

Well what if that NEW DOOR for greater impact, next level success and leaning into your full potential is exactly what Tony and I are sharing with you tonight?

I don’t care if you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or if you’re in business with less success than you crave or even if you’re absolutely crushing it… What we have to share tonight could be the exact thing you need and we are so damn excited to share it with you!

So remember, Tony and I are LIVE at 5:00 PM PST – Tonight (February 27th) and you can use this link here to save your spot and then access the LIVE stream as it begins!

There are over 250,000 people already registered and this training will most likely be the biggest online training event in history.

Don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) tomorrow by missing this… This could truly be exactly what you are looking for and missing it could really suck. Lol

Regret stinks!

So we can’t wait to see you LIVE at 5:00 PM PST tonight!

You will be going to this page to save your spot and it will turn into our private room before the training begins! Come 30 minutes early or so and let’s hang out in the chat!

Can’t wait to see you tonight,

Origen: NEW DOOR for Greater Impact