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Here’s all the best gear and gadgetry you can snag for $100 or less

A Benjamin goes further than you might think. Check out our picks for the best tech under $100, whether you’re looking for speakers or drones.

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Premium gas vs. regular: What’s really better for your car? 

The price for premium gas blends is as much as 15 cents more per litre than regular gas. Gas companies make the pitch that premium’s better for your car. While it’s true that some car makers recommend putting premium fuel in their high-end models, what about most of us who drive regular cars?

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This device saved me tons of money!

Here Is The Best Solution To Watch Your Favorite Channels, Programs And Movies For Free!

We all know how frustrating invoices and subscriptions can be.

We pay for cable, for Netflix, for movies and sports on demand … it accumulates.

And of course, there are all the electronics. The receiver, the AppleTV, the Firesticks, and the DVD player are often expensive.

It is no wonder that more and more people are looking for cheaper and simpler ways to reduce their bills and get rid of all the electronics.

Fortunately, there is a solution to watch HDTV for free and legally!

A US-based company has just created a new, innovative and inexpensive device that is changing the way people use the media.

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VontronixTV Service – Get a Free 3 Day Trial!

Meet the best value on the PLANET for TV & Entertainment!


Get Your FREE 24 Hour Trial
  •  60 Channels For ALL Sports
  •  50 Premium Movie Channels
  •  800 Cable / Broadcast Channels
  •  10,000 TV Shows & Movies
  •  Watch ANYWHERE from your mobile device! 
  •  Compatible with Android Box or Firestick Devices! (We can also provide our own box if needed)

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 Official Announcement

Catch Electric Daisy Carnival – Buy Your Electric Daisy Carnival Tickets Online.

Launched in 1997, Electric Daisy Carnival has evolved from a one-day festival in Los Angeles into one of the largest touring music festivals worldwide. Each annual Electric Daisy Carnival tour leads up to the main Las Vegas festival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of fans each year.

The EDC 2018 Las Vegas lineup includes Afrojack, Zedd, Armin Van Buuren and Cheat Codes. There are nine stages though, so there’s a great chance some of your favorite artists will be included in the lineup as well.

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Yo Soy Boricua

Nostalgia, Sentimientos y Recuerdos que perduran con Orgullo en un pueblo, campo , barrio o ciudad de origen puertorriqueño. La gente y su folklore arrasan y contagian con su cultura a sus visitantes . La alegría es genuina. No hay tiempo para la tristeza. El tiempo es eterno. Un verdadero paraíso.

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