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Are You Ready for Black Friday 2019? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

From store hours to shopping strategies, there’s a lot to learn before Black Friday rolls around. Our guides will help you prepare to shop.

Black Friday is known as the biggest shopping day of the year — and with good reason! From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, we often see the year’s best prices on a number of products in this short span of time. And while there’s concern about how tariffs will affect Black Friday 2019, the National Retail Federation reports that “holiday shoppers plan to spend 4% more” than they did in 2018.

We’ve put together everything you’ll need to know to get Black Friday deals in 2019. Check out all our guides about where and when to shop, what kinds of Black Friday sales to expect, and what to avoid.

Some retailers don’t open at all on Thanksgiving, and offer their sales online-only that day.

Should You Shop in Stores on Black Friday?

Online and mobile Black Friday sales have really come into their own in the past couple years. These days, Black Friday shoppers are relying on smartphones to supplement their in-store experiences. That means they can take advantage of conveniences like price comparison, mobile coupons, and in-store pickup.

Thanksgiving will likely have the most Black Friday deals, but your best day to shop will depend on what you’re looking for.

When Is the Best Day to Shop for Black Friday Deals?

The short answer is that Thanksgiving will likely have the most deals. However, the best day to shop will depend on the items you’re looking for. If you’re looking for beauty products, speakers, or toys, then Cyber Monday is actually your best bet.

MAKE YOUR PLAN: Check out the best Black Friday deals in 2019!

How to Craft a Black Friday Game Plan

There’s a ton of areas to consider when crafting your plan for Black Friday shopping. Not only do you need to think about store ads, but also bonus perks, freebies, quantities of deals, and whether offers are in-store only.

Price matching policies are popular, though they’re often suspended during Black Friday.

Even if a store doesn’t open until Thanksgiving evening, you might be able to grab their doorbusters online much earlier in the day.

Some Black Friday freebies only apply to the first 100 or so customers, so try to be in line before others arrive.

What to Know About Black Friday Gift Card Deals

You can score bonus cards and coupons when shopping gift cards this season. Just be sure to read the fine print with these “buy one, get one” gift card deals. The extra perks are great, but you can often only redeem them during a certain period of time, and it tends to be within the first few months of the new year.

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Second-Hand Shopping: How to Save at Thrift Stores & Consignment Shops

Want to save more money shopping for clothes and other home goods? Learn more about the types of second-hand shops, and strategies to find the best deals.

Before we get into the tips on how to hit a home run at this stores, let’s first get familiar with the different types of shops.

Types of Second-Hand Stores

If you live in a medium to large-sized city, you probably have access to several different types of second-hand shops. You may find some overlap in the merchandise between different categories of shops. If you have a clear idea of what you need, you can visit the type of shop most likely to carry the goods you need to save you time and stress, and to increase your chances for success.

Choose Your Store Carefully
Second-hand stores often specialize and you may find that the quality and style of the goods match the community where the store is located. If you want to buy designer clothing, target a consignment store or a for-profit second-hand store in an affluent community.

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