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📶 Inflation is coming, here’s what to do 🧐

Most believe that throwing money at a problem usually creates other problems. But don’t tell the Federal Reserve that.

The Fed is doing its best to disprove that theory. At the behest of the Biden administration, they are stoking the engine of our economy to the tune of trillions of dollars. I think we’re about to about $6 trillion since Biden took office. But at this point, who’s counting?

As an investor, you know that this party, as fun as it is, can’t last.

And the wolf that’s on the other side of that door is inflation. It may not get here in 2021, although we see some tracks in the grass. Gas prices are on the rise. If you’ve been grocery shopping, you know that food prices are rising.

It’s not being a conspiracy wacko to simply take prudent steps to guard against this threat.

And one of the best ways to do that is still precious metals.

I know, I know. Bitcoin is supposed to be the new store of value. And you know what, it very well may be. But we haven’t seen what Bitcoin will do when it meets a bear. It’s only been around since 2009 and the market has been bullish for almost all of that.

But we know what gold does. And silver too. They go up. A lot.

And that’s why we’re sending you this special presentation on precious metal stocks for you to buy right now. Some of these stocks are flying under the radar of retail investors. But they’ve all got the attention in one form or another of institutional investors.

That gives them credibility. And like the simple black dress, they never go out of fashion.

Even if inflation doesn’t come this year, hedging your portfolio with precious metals is never a bad decision. So take a look now before these prices get out of hand.

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