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83 misconduct complaints against Kavanaugh

It’s been fewer than three months since Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a lifetime Supreme Court Justice, and since then, the 15 ethics complaints against him has grown to 83. It was the duty of the 10th Circuit Judicial Council to review these complaints and issue a ruling on their findings, but there’s one problem: the 10th Circuit does not have jurisdiction over members of the Supreme Court. So what happens now? It’s up to Chief Justice Roberts to decide on next steps. (This is the same man who waited until after Kavanaugh was confirmed to forward these complaints to the 10th Circuit.) Before ruling a non-verdict, the Council found that these complaints mostly dealt with Kavanaugh’s past, his biased behavior while serving on the Court of Appeals, and partisan statements made during his hearings. Members of the 10th Circuit are not the first to notice Kavanaugh’s partisan and biased leanings. Back in the fall, Brigade Campaign Leader Lisa reached out to her former Senator, Lisa Murkowski, asking her to vote no on Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation. In Murkowski’s response back to Lisa, she wrote that Kavanaugh’s display of partisanship is one of the factors that led her to taking a stance against the judge. No one really knows what will happen next, but one thing is certain: it’s up to us to make sure these complaints do not just “disappear” as Chief Justice Roberts and others may hope they will. Many people were unsure how key senators would vote following the Kavanaugh hearings, and some assumed that Senator Murkowski would refelxively vote with her party and confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But after people like Lisa raised their voices and asked Senator Murkowski to consider Kavanaugh’s obvious partisanship, the accounts of women who bravely stepped forward, and his demeanor during the hearings – she did. Now, we need to continue raising our voices like Lisa did and ensure these 83 misconduct complaints don’t get swept under the rug. Fill out this form if you’re interested in taking your advocacy to the next level.

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