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Wanna Survive 2023…?

What if you had to go through the economic horrors of 2008 all over again? 

When millions of Americans lost their jobs and were suddenly unable to pay their bills….  

When countless families got behind on their mortgages, and were evicted from their homes…

And things got so bad – even the banks ran out of money…

If you knew for certain that we were about to plunge into another nightmare scenario like we experienced in ‘08… 

What would you do?

Because I believe millions of Americans are about to be left behind – for good.

And although we’ve seen more wealth disappear in the past 12 months alone than we did in the entire crisis of 2008… (4X the amount in fact) something much worse is on the horizon.

Because the policies of the current administration are smashing the U.S. economy and scrambling the retirement nest eggs of more than 47 million Americans. But, for those who know what to do… this could be the biggest wealth creator in their lives.

I recently sat down with Nomi Prins to talk about this crisis and why I’m confident things will get a lot worse for those who aren’t ready.

In fact… it’s already started…

Your investment portfolio? 

Down… 20 to 30 percent as the market continues to decline with no signs of slowing anytime soon..

Your bank account? 

Drained… because inflation has been eating away at your cash like a tapeworm. 

And your home? 

Devalued more each month as the housing market circles the drain.

The only things not going down are interest rates, food prices, and the cost of gas.

In fact, the price of nearly EVERYTHING has gone up recently as the consumer price index recently hit its highest level since 1982 – an unprecedented 40-year spike.

Simply put, nearly everyone’s worse off now than they were a year ago … 5 years ago … even 10 years ago.

And there’s more pain to come in the months ahead. 

Which is why you should pay close attention to what Nomi and I had to say

See our 2023 survival plan now

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After this happened, I knew I would never need money again

Have you ever heard a story about a lottery winner who wins BIG… but then loses everything a few years later?


Or the sports star who’s popping champagne and kissing models at 21, but working at a carwash for minimum wage at 29?


Maybe you have that friend who thinks he’s a millionaire because his house, his luxury SUV, his fine wine collection, all add up to a million dollars.


Or the one that wants to become a millionaire, but she decided to get a loan, get an Ivy League degree, and then—maybe—get a “safe”, salaried job.


Financially ignorant people come in all shapes and sizes. But I won’t let you be one of them.


So, I want you to drill these three principles in your head:


#1. If it doesn’t put money in your pocket, it’s not an asset. The house you live in, the car you use every day, they take money out of your pocket. So don’t call them assets. They are liabilities.


Assets put money in your pocket, and the only real assets are: real estate, businesses, and paper assets (stocks that pay dividends, and some commodities.)


Rich people buy assets (ideally with debt, or other people’s money), and prefer to rent their liabilities.


#2. It’s not about equity, capital gains, or net worth. It’s about cash flow. That’s the money that comes in each month that’s left over, after accounting for expenses.


The minute your passive income is bigger than your living expenses, you’re financially free.


You don’t have to be a millionaire to start acquiring assets. But if you start acquiring now, you can be well on your way to becoming one. 


The average Jane or Joe with two investment properties producing $1,700/month in rent (and who only has $1,550/month in expenses) is already financially free.


While the “high net worth” suited-up executive earning $25,000 a month (who spends $27,000/month) is stuck squarely in the rat race.


#3. It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you keep.


This is how lotto winners go broke in a few short years. Cruises through the French riviera, watch collections, new cars, a new penthouse with a massive home theater… 


All of that is great, but the rich only get the lifestyle AFTER they have assets producing cash flow to support it. 


The financially ignorant get the lifestyle instead of the assets, then go broke.


What’s the takeaway from all this?


If you’re still reading, you’re well on your way to having the kind of knowledge that will make you rich. 


Now is the time to take action. 


How do you do that?

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The collapse of bitcoin?

I’m sure you’re aware…

Bitcoin has dropped in price. By a lot.

Dropping below $40,000…

Down more than 50% since hitting a high record of $64,829 in mid-April.

And right now, the crypto market seems completely unstable…

What is happening now with bitcoin, and other cryptos, is a part of something much bigger…

You see, cryptocurrency legend Charlie Shrem is calling what is unfolding before us the Awakening…

Charlie is one of bitcoin’s earliest pioneers, getting into cryptocurrency when it was trading around $21… BEFORE it soared.

And according to Charlie, the events about to unfold will forever disrupt the crypto market.

If you are investing in crypto, or just want to learn more about it, you need to listen to his important message surrounding what is going on and about to happen…

During times like these, there is no other person I’d rather listen to.

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