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2 People, One Opportunity

If you’re harboring negative thoughts, you need to understand what they really mean. For example, if you tell yourself, “I can’t stop working and start my own business. I have a mortgage and a family to think about,” you might really be saying, “I don’t have time, and I’m too tired to learn anything new.” 

It’s time to dig deep down and unearth your personal truths. Think about the negative statements you whisper to yourself and, after some honest soul-searching, reveal the personal truth that lies beneath each. 

Sometimes we let negative statements play over and over in our minds like endless mantras. Once you know the truth beneath your negative statements, talk back to them. Start an argument with yourself! Think of ways to counter each one. 

Don’t let buried thoughts sap your energy and motivation. Unearth them, and free yourself to move forward. 

Realize that identifying negative thoughts is not enough. 

Now that you’ve removed the mines blocking your path, consider the positive traits that will propel you forward on your quest for financial freedom. Here are some strengths that are common to people who succeed in business and investing: 

• Vision—the ability to see what others do not see 

• Courage—the ability to act despite fear 

• Creativity—the ability to think outside the box 

• Self-confidence—the ability to withstand criticism 

• Self-control—the ability to delay gratification 

Look at people around you who demonstrate these strengths. Try to emulate them. And don’t forget to look within. Are there areas in your life where you’ve exhibited such traits? Nurture them, and allow them to spread into your financial life. 

So far, you’ve been focusing on internal things that you have the power to change. What happens when your internal self meets the external world over which you have little control? In truth, you have more control over that world than you think. It has been said that “luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness.” 

Imagine two men walking down the street on a windy day. A piece of paper blows along the sidewalk in front of one man, then the other. The first man ignores the litter, keeping his eyes on the block up ahead. The second man peers at the scrap, realizes it’s a $20 bill, and picks it up. Is that person luckier? No. The same opportunity crossed the path of both men, but only one of them was prepared to take action.

When it comes to financial matters, it’s important to keep your eyes and ears open, and to know where you are. Only then will you spot opportunity when it crosses your path. 


Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness. 

Change your mind and you will change your life.

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The Most Important Question In Trading

Traders are always asking – “what’s coming next?”…

But that’s a lousy question…

Because really – who can predict the future?

The right question to ask is – “what comes before?”…

As in – what comes before stock prices see a fast triple-digit runup?

For example, take the stock of Mind Medicine, Inc…

It shot up by a whopping 728% in 77 days…

But if you take a look at the chart below…

You’ll see something peaking on the left side – right before its stock took off running.

Ross Givens calls them “Stealth Trades”…

And if you know what they are – and how to identify them…

You could have made profits like 385% in 63 days, 245% in 58 days, and even 879% in 125 days!

That’s why, while everybody is poring through the news trying to find out what’s coming next…

You could be focused on what comes before – the “Stealth Trades”…

And be laughing all the way to the bank as they’re still scratching their heads.

Want to find out how?

Then watch Ross’ complete video briefing here…

Because there’s no one else in the world who’s spent as much time as him in creating a systematic way of uncovering these trades.

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El Millonario de al Lado – Un Resumen de Libros para Emprendedores

En Estados Unidos hay más de 3 millones de hogares, de familias… millonarios.

¿Cómo lo han conseguido? ¿Qué cosas en común tienen todos ellos, qué hábitos podemos aprender de ellos?

Pues en el libro que revisamos esta semana vamos a responder a esas preguntas, y a muchas más, ya que todos esos millonarios tienen 7 puntos, muy concretos, en común. Y los vamos a ver todos.

Es nuestro trabajo el imitar, modelar nuestro comportamiento de acuerdo al suyo, para que aumentemos nuestras probabilidades de convertirnos en millonarios.

Esta semana revisamos El Millonario de al Lado («The Millionaire Next Door») de Thomas J. Stanlley y William D. Danko, y publicado en el año 1996. Este libro también está editado bajo el título «El Millonario de la puerta de al Lado». 🙂