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5 Antique Stores in the Southwest

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift, hunting for that fine piece of furniture you’ve always wanted or just browsing, you’re in for a rewarding time of exploration and discovery when you visit any of these five antique stores in the Southwest.

Take Two Antiques (California)

Santa Cruz’s Take Two Antiques promises a constantly revolving offering of unique vintage ceramics, art and collectibles, making it a great spot to shop for friends or yourself. Take Two doesn’t just assemble a collection of whatever it happens to find — the team behind it goes out of its way to gather beautiful, distinctive and high-quality goods to appease the most discerning vintage enthusiast. You’ll find everything from midcentury items and handmade ceramics to vintage furniture and decor, enough to give you more than a few ideas for adding sizzle to your home space.

Sweet Salvage (Arizona)

Sweet Salvage in the Melrose District of Phoenix opens the third Thursday through Sunday of each month, making it something of an event among treasure hunters in the area and beyond. Since its establishment in 2014, Sweet Salvage has earned acclaim for its attention to detail and wide selection, which includes vintage clothing, locally made jewelry and retro furniture. Visiting is an experience in and of itself thanks to Sweet Salvage’s premium showroom and garden courtyard, and it’s one well worth sharing with a friend or two.

Antique Connection Mall (New Mexico)

Hosting more than 60 dealers across 10,000 square feet, the Antique Connection Mall in Albuquerque is a model for offering up quantity and quality. There’s no shortage of great finds to be uncovered at the mall no matter your style or interests — Antique Connection makes it a point to note its selection of “man-tiques” and shabby chic furnishings. Not only is the Antique Connection Mall massive and well-stocked, but it’s clean, well-lit and spacious enough that you’ll have plenty of room to browse comfortably.

Antique Mall of America (Nevada)

A Sin City-based antique mall needs to match the wonder of the Strip, and the Antique Mall of Americain Las Vegas captures that feeling the first time you step in the door. With over 43,000 square feet chock full of antiques and collectibles, the Antique Mall of America is a perfect complement to the modern excess of the gambling capital of the world. There you’ll find everything from furniture and artwork to coin collections and comic books, with plenty enough in between to keep everyone browsing all afternoon. Unlike at the casino, spending your hard-earned money at the Antique Mall of America guarantees you’ll come away with a haul.

Colorado Antique Gallery (Colorado)

Promising “miles of aisles of fabulous finds,” the Colorado Antique Gallery is self-described as the premier antiquing experience in Denver. Based in Littleton, the gallery covers 50,000 square feet of brightly lit showroom and hosts more than 285 dealers who specialize in a wide variety of wares and goods. The size and volume alone would be enough to require multiple visits, but the fact that its inventory moves quickly and constantly should add some urgency to your purchase when you find that gem you have to have.

No matter who you’re shopping for or what you’re seeking, these antique shops deliver with unique finds and friendly faces willing to make deals. The next time you feel the itch to upgrade your home with a vintage table or quirky piece of art, make one or more of the Southwest’s great antique stores your first stop.

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