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Why I’m leaving my channel of 200K+ subscribers (my last video)

why I’m leaving my channel of 200K+ subscribers (my last video).

Why I’m leaving my channel of 200K+ subscribers (my last video). IT’s True 馃槶.

This is a hard one to explain but a no-brainer decision when it came to pulling the plug 馃攲 on producing for my Marissa Romero channel.

Why would someone in their right mind leave a channel with over 450 public videos, 210K+ subscribers, and 8M+ views?

This is a decision (that had painful back and forths) based on one thing, evolution. Like everyone else, I had a starting point. Back in the day, I was a broke wantrepreneur (surprise surprise right?)… As the years went by, I moved up the entrepreneurial spectrum, which typically looks like this: – 9-5er – wantrepreneur – side hustler – freelancer – digital nomad – solopreneur – CEO / visionary

The initial spike of growth came from teaching and documenting, almost like a diary of my journey.

I’d get glowing compliments from people appreciating the transparency and of course, the help from my tutorials. However, as I evolved up the spectrum, my content did not. It was as if I drew a line between the ‘side hustler and freelancer’ stage and I only created content based on beginner make-money-online topics.

This was detrimental in 2 major ways:

1. my identity was now attached to the MMO niche

2. The YT algo only promoted my clickbait-y side hustle, work-from-home, and money-making videos.

Therefore, I felt extreme discouragement every time I tried to go outside the lines of these topics (resulting in me creating videos on the same topics over and over and over).

This started the downhill turn of my extreme burnout and resentment of getting in front of the camera. I really had to evaluate what type of legacy I was building because my impact is NOT 鉂宎ttached to one niche.

Leaving my channel is about evolving and shifting my energy into an area that is going to allow for major expansion and, most importantly, evolution.

Bottomline – the content I was creating IS NOT IN ALIGNMENT WITH WHERE I AM NOW in my life.

I cannot and will not continue to create content from an inauthentic place. You may be wondering, what happens now?

I’m still here to be a creator (that will never change). In fact, I’m starting FRESH on a new channel called Subscribers to Sales庐. 馃帀 You can check out the very first video by clicking HERE