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el lado oscuro de la caravana de inmigrantes hacia los estados unidos

Sabemos que miles de centroamericanos están cruzando fronteras en busca de una nueva vida y futuro para sus familias. La desesperacion, el hambre y la criminalidad que agobian sus tierras han motivado que huyan de sus terruños. El pastor Rolando Jaime revela el gran misterio de esta reciente caravana de migrantes que son manipulados por George Soros. 

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Agree or Disagree? ICE should build immigrant prisons

Take the poll: Do you agree or disagree that ICE should work with private corporations to build immigrant prisons? ICE is expanding. In May, they released a plan to build new immigrant prisons across the midwest. And with 13,312 immigrant children in federal custody, they plan to expand tent cities currently housing those children from hundreds to thousands of beds – and they’re taking money from cancer research and other crucial programs to do it. The states that have been targeted by ICE to build immigrant prisons in conjunction with private corporations GEO Group and CoreCivic include: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Minnesota, in addition to expanding an existing prison in Nevada. In Texas, the Tornillo tent city (supposedly intended to be a temporary holding center) will expand its capacity from 400 children’s beds to 3,800 – marking the third time the makeshift facility will grow in capacity. In order to fund detaining and imprisoning immigrant children, families, and others, the Trump administration is planning to tap into $260 million meant to fund cancer research, HIV/AIDS prevention, Medicare and Medicaid, and more. In Northwest Indiana where GEO Group has submitted a preliminary proposal to build an 800 bed immigrant prison, an entire community led by Ryan spent their summer organizing to stop the prison from coming to their area. “The fact that it’s a proposal for 800 beds is a huge expansion to the capacity to detain people here in Indiana,” says Margaret, president of Greater Lafayette Immigrant Allies. “Once you build that prison, the private prison companies are motivated to keep people in it. We’re very concerned about what this says about our region, about how we value people in our region, and that people in our community who are fine, upstanding, contributing residents might be the people who are detained in that prison.” Now, advocates from across the state are banding together to oppose immigrant prisons in in Indiana. “Statewide this has been tried several times already,” #NoGEO brigade member Joseph told Senator Donnelly’s Legislative Counsel, referring to GEO Group’s previous attempts to build prisons in his state, “and it’s been shown that Indiana residents don’t want this…It’s not something that we want here.” After flooding public hearings and running a successful awareness campaign in his community, Ryan and the residents of Roselawn, IN pressured local officials to publicly oppose the immigrant prison slated for their area; but the fight isn’t over yet, GEO Group still needs to withdraw the proposal they submitted to ICE. Indiana isn’t the only state ICE is targeting to build immigrant prisons. Join one of these brigades to help stop ICE from expanding in your state: Join the Minnesota brigade Join the Michigan brigade Join the Nevada brigade Join the Illinois brigade Join the Wyoming brigade Join the Indiana #NoGEO brigade

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Your Voice Matters – Momentum is Building in the Senate to Pass the DREAM Act

Thanks in large part to your support, momentum is building across the aisle to pass the DREAM Act in the Senate. Sen. Cory Gardner from Colorado is the latest Republican Senator to throw his support behind the bill after President Trump moved last week to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Sen. Gardner, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, joined three other Republicans in co-sponsoring the DREAM Act, which would provide critical deportation protections to young immigrants and lay out a path to citizenship. Sen. Gardner explained his support in a statement: “Children who came to this country without documentation, through no fault of their own, must have the opportunity to remain here lawfully.” The Senate bill already has 10 backers: six Democratic co-sponsors and four Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Cory Gardner of Colorado. Your voice matters on this issue and this next week will be important to pressuring more Senators to support this permanent legislative fix to protect our young immigrants. Share this update and invite your friends to join the campaign to pass the DREAM Act in the Senate!

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