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The Possibilities are Endless… Meet the SHOTBOX

SHOTBOX is the only hard-shell photo studio on the market.

It will last year after year. Just set it up in seconds when you need it, and stow it away when you don’t.

Perfect for blogs, food, projects, scrapbooking, crafts, hobbies, collections, Etsy, ebay, Amazon, Shopify, websites, and more.

Get professional-level photos within minutes.

A wonderful tool for great family activities, kid projects, home school, and classrooms. Perfect for all ages.

Use the easy top-down set up to capture photos, journals, albums, scrapbooks, and more. The SHOTBOX is a quick alternative for traditional, time-consuming scanning.

Easy to Use

1. Setup the SHOTBOX
2. Put any object you want saved on the inside
3. Take a picture using your smartphone

And just like that you are done!

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