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Renue You

You eat healthy all day… spinach, chicken and broccoli.

You try all the diets… keto, paleo and vegan.

You’re hungry, you’re tired.

But every morning, your weight never changes.

In 2008 researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found something amazing…

that every adult human, old or young, lean or fat, man or woman, always has the same number of fat cells – around 30 billion! Fat cells are like…

balloons – it is not the number of fat cells that increases but the SIZE of your fat cells, they can balloon up to…

FIFTY times their size or more to store fat! Weirdly they also found even if you have gastric band surgery or lipsuction…

your body regains the exact number of fat cells to get back to the pre-set amount! But then in 2021 researchers uncovered a way to actually dissolve fat cells…

There is no doubt the billion dollar weight loss industry do not want you to see this video and discover the amazing fat burning secret! Watch it now before the video is taken down.

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Drink this before breakfast burns 1lb a day?

A maverick Japanese doctor recently leaked the secret ingredients of an ancient Japanese Tonic that targets the root cause of deep belly fat and activates a powerful little-known fat-burning hormone inside you…that MELTS away all your stubborn body fat.

Firefighter Mike Banner’s 45-year-old sister, Susan, lost 54 pounds in only 7 weeks with no exercise due to osteoarthritis in her damaged knee.

Make sure to drink this tasty potent Japanese Tonic before 10AM to melt twice as much fat as 1 hour on a joint-destroying treadmill.

In fact, some folks are losing up to 33.5 lbs of fat in just 30 days by simply drinking this tonic daily before 10am.

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No Rinse® by Clean Life Products

These waterless personal care products are used in hospitals and nursing facilities world wide. Read more about the situations where these shampoo, body wash and other personal hygiene aids come in handy and result in greater patient comfort.

No Rinse® by Clean Life Products waterless personal care products are used in hospitals and nursing facilities world wide.

Why No Rinse® by Clean Life Products bathing and hair care products?

Reduce Bathing Cost: No Rinse® by Clean Life Products provide a comfortable alternative to traditional bathing methods. Consumables, labor and the risks inherent to the traditional bathing environment are reduced. Save money without compromising patient comfort.

Beautiful Results: Customers using No Rinse® by Clean Life Products for the first time are delighted with the cleanliness and convenience.

Mild & Gentle: Users with the most delicate skin find No Rinse® by Clean Life Products non-irritating, even with frequent use.

It’s So Easy: No Rinse® by Clean Life Products is ideal for children, travelers and for just about anywhere traditional bathing is difficult or inconvenient.

No Rinse Bathing Wipes

The aloe and lanolin enriched formula provides cleansing, moisturizing and deodorizing in one step. People with disabilities will find these bathing wipes provide a convenient alternative to a traditional bath

No Rinse Shampoo Cap

One-piece shampoo cap with shampoo and conditioner. The cap transfers all massaging action directly to hair and scalp. This waterless shampoo cap is perfect for people who can not shampoo their hair in the traditional way

Bet You Didn’t KnowAccording to a medical study at a long-term care facility in 2003, skin tears in patients who had bed baths decreased from 13 to 1 when nurses switched from soap and water to a no-rinse formula.


Cleanis CareBag Men’s Disposable Urinal Bags

Package of 20 super absorbent disposable urinal bags for men.

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