The Subscribers to Sales® Story (Join us!)

The Subscribers to Sales® Channel: What’s it all about?

This channel is totally for you if you’re interested in creating an impactful business and YouTube channel. However, it’s much deeper than this. We’re excited to serve world-class experts, educators, and business owners who are ready to accelerate their success curve with video marketing and creating a sustainable base of organic traffic from YouTube (without it consuming your already busy life).

We’ll cover topics ranging from YouTube video production (scripting, editing, filming, camera confidence), to YouTube growth & monetization, and most importantly, business strategy (i.e. creating irresistible offers, funnel strategy, email marketing) and so much more!

I’m ecstatic about this channel launch because there are so many new elements that you could expect that my original channel never offered.

Here are some exciting features that you can look forward to:

✅ Multiple creators – It won’t just be me creating videos. I’m excited to welcome creators from Team Marissa Romero who has a wealth of information to share in the video marketing and online business space!

✅ Guest experts – ​​​​​​​I’ve always wanted to host creators on my channel to get their professional opinions and insights & now it will happen!

✅ Opportunities to work with our exclusive S2S Studio in-house editing team

✅ More short-form content – ​​​​​​​bite-sized consumable tips I’d love it if you would comment on a topic you would like to see from me and of course, subscribe to the new channel!

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