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  • Seeding the Future
    Widespread poverty and malnutrition, an alarming refugee crisis, social unrest, and economic polarization have become our lived reality as the top 1% of the world’s seven-billion-plus population pushes the planet—and all its people—to the social and ecological brink. In Oneness vs. the 1%, Vandana Shiva takes on the Billionaires Club of Gates, Buffet, and Zuckerberg, as well as other modern empires whose blindness to the rights of people, and to the destructive impact of their construct of linear progress, have wrought havoc across the world. Basing her analysis on explosive, little-known facts, Shiva exposes the 1%’s model of philanthrocapitalism, which is […]
  • How To Create Passive Income With No Money
    The moment I got out of debt, I began my quest to learn how to create passive income with no money to my name. I started reading every book I could get my hands on and listening to podcasts. I learned that passive income is what sets the wealthy apart from the rest of us. Warren Buffett said it best when he said, “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.” Being wealthy is not my primary goal, but I also don’t want to work until I die. I don’t want to […]
  • How to Turn Around Your Struggling Business: Tips and Real-Life Examples
    A business downturn is the beginning, not the end.  It gives you the chance to learn, start new, and rebuild.  If you look closely, there are a few signs associated with a failing business months before it happens. Some of these signs include a halt in growth, poor cash flow management, and a glaring lack of innovation or differentiation. The first thing most business owners do to try and save their business is cut costs, but that only slows down the inevitable. What you need to do is breathe new life into a dying business by jump-starting it. This article […]